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I have, I find the whole thing extremely distressing and felt so much empathy for his mother..

Today its been established that the police has no basis to stop him, which lead to his death. The police and paramedics made "mistakes".

I hope for the sake of his family the right people will be held accountable.

Warning, his arrest is on YouTube but is extremely  upsetting.

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4 Answers

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I have seen it.  Unfortunately, the law is written in such a way that there is no recourse for the authorities to legally bring charges.  It is one more indication that we MUST address the systemic violence and prejudice within police departments across the country.  The sooner, the better.

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It absolutely broke my heart when Elijah apologised to the police because he vomited while they knelt on his neck.

He was on the  autistic spectrum and just didn't know who was going on 

No offence but America is not that great.


It is true.  Unless you are a rich white guy, America sucks.


I try to have faith the injustices will be accounted for but as a Black man.... shit is real out here. So to that I say, be prepared. 

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I had not heard of the case until I saw it on Newsy recently. I makes me very sad that this happens too often to young black men, mores that he had autism.  I cant imagine the pain the parents went through. Honestly, they need to take more serious measures on the policemen who commit these crimes. I call them crimes because he was handcuffed and then put into those chokeholds or pressure on the neck, which is not allowed anymore, as far as I know. Not in the northeast, anyway. How horrible. The only way justice could be served is to penalize the officers by taking away their badges.

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A cop tells you to stop you stop.  Keep your mouth shut and you just may live.  Simple, Mericans are basically stupid

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Equally, if someone says they can't breathe you stop kneeling on their neck.


I think you have the wrong incident. They never told him to stop. 


Ain't that the PROBLEM? "You just might live" is never a justifiable reason to allow such injustice. 


King, exactly. 

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The cops may not be held criminally negligent but can be accountable from a civil perspective. Sue their pants off. 

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