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The dude needs to seek professional help.

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5 Answers

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Trump lost. The American people sacked him. He should be relegated to the garbage tip of irrelevance.


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God, I fucking hate him. He’s destroyed my country - him and his drooling, brain-damaged supporters.

by (2,455,400 points)

What is remarkable is that his puppy dog followers like Governor Kristi Noem in South Dakota said the other day at CPAC that she supports Trump 100% ... while the conventioneers were rolling around a golden Trump statue as if it were the Golden Calf.  Then she had the ironic gall to say that she won't be a "sheeple."  

I literally laughed out loud at that.  Yet neither she nor anyone at the CPAC could see how incredibly pathetic it was to say all that crap.

What a bunch of donkey pits.


Even worse, Mitch McConnell admits Trump is responsible for the Jan 6 coup attempt, but he’s STILL going to support him if he runs in 2024. It’s mind-boggling! I wouldn’t support the reelection of a TRAITOR no matter what party he belonged to! 


Mitch was just nominated again in his state, he wants to keep his people happy. :(. Hypocritical to say the least. 

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GB & Blue the election was closer than you think, or maybe believe.  The highest voter turnout ever and only 7 Million or so votes decided the election.

The US is on the verge of a Civil War seriously. The Progressives, Lib's whatever are deluding themselves in their views IMO.  The majority of folks voted against Trump, not for Biden - seriously.

Now if shooting breaks out , which it will probably happen the progressives will be dead. This scares the H-LL out of me.  The Left will be the sacrificial lamb before the altar - seriously. 

Truly believe Trump was not the disease, only a reflection of it.  America is a heterogeneous amalgam, not the homogeneous of Austria.  We have reached a compromise to keep our Right at bay, the US will not with the divisive politics of the Progressives - sorry.

Doc & I are keeping our kids here to avoid the Bloodbath which is coming.  Your attacks on Wakeforester in NC prove same.  In your bias you fail to understand.  Be thankful the UK has strict gun trol otherwise you would have been in civil war  years ago.

Madison, Jefferson & Washington were right in their support of the 2nd amendment.  It does keep tyhe fringes at bay.

Due note Austria is more heavily armed than the US.  My neighbor across the hall has one machine gun and 2 real assault rifles.  Please let that sink in
by (2,897,980 points)

I've had months and months of idiots on Facebook ramming 4 more years down my throat.


Actually, it was even closer than that.  In 2016, 77,000 votes in three states made the difference for Trump's win in the Electoral College even though Clinton received 3 million more votes overall.  Fewer than half of that determined Biden's win in the Electoral College in 2020.


It is not true that the radical right has out gunned the libs.  I know of a lot of libs that are well armed.  If the right starts a war, the outcome is not a given.  The right is a minority.  A deluded minority, but still small.

The unknown is what the US military will do.   They are mostly radical right wingnuts, but should follow orders.  It the leaders come down on the side of insuresction, it will be over quickly, as you say.  Same if they follow the established constitution.  I believe that once the shooting starts they will be forced to take sides.  Bloody, yes.  Long and bloody, no.

The election was close because it is always hard to get rid of an incumbent.  If the election were today, trump loses 60 percent to 40 percent.  7 million votes in this country is a lot.  The repugs will have to suppress a lot of votes to win.  They are working on it.  

Trump is going to be fading as time goes on.  

In US elections, it is always a choice between lesser evils.  Nothing new there.  And almost nothing that happens now will be meaningful in a few years.  Cruz know that.


Archerchef, Wakeforester was never “attacked” -  he merely got the same treatment back which he first dished out to others.

I have spent years on AO and AOR debating politics with Jillopo - sometimes vehemently-and I never once wanted her banned - she never got personal in her arguments. Wakeforester, on the other hand, didn’t know any other way to make his points BUT to get personal. 

Blue defended the members of his site against a mean-spirited troll who wanted victims to whom he could direct his hateful vitriol. Kicking his rule-breaking ass off AOR wasn’t an “attack” - it was consequences of his own actions. And since most of Wake’s condescending, passive-aggressive, abusive shit was directed at ME, I am grateful to Blue for putting his foot down against unacceptable behavior on this site. 


Wakeforester loved it. He's your classic shit stirrer that got banned for thinking cancer is funny. He can fuck right off.


Wake's attacks, and most particularly those against JPT, were despicable.  I am a person of faith, and I truly have faith that Wake will encounter his own karma along the way.


Wake was NOT attacked. He wasn't even attacked on his political views as he didnt actually disclose much. He was eventually banned for attacking other on the site. I seem you remember you were quick to let him know you enjoyed his posts.


Wake wasn't attacked. Its more like he attacked others with his own demented personal beliefs. And I seriously doubt a bloodbath is coming. We've survived a 4 year long bloodbath already. 


Yes. Wake made it personal. He even challenged whether anyone had a problem with JPT or GB and got shot down. And the Bloser reference or what he came out with was just pathetic.

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I think that all depends on what the NY southern district courts determine about his taxes and the money he sent out to Stormy Daniels. He's counting his eggs too early. 

by (1,067,540 points)

True. I'm guessing he'll be prosecuted.

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I hope he runs again.  He can win by a bigger landslide, and then fade away.  He currently gets 36 percent of the vote.  The dems are going to have to really screw this up to make the crook look attractive again.   Maybe by then he will be in jail and ivanka will be running instead.  Lol.

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