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And it's  still not as gobsmacking as Trump.

It does have sex, conspiracy and cover ups though.

If Carlsberg made politics eh?

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3 Answers

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I don't think anything except for what happened here the last few years that can compare to anything else, except maybe coups that happen in 3rd world countries!  I can't wait to see what happens next. Good luck there with what is going on there. 

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you are wrong


Amy gets a flag because you don’t agree with her? That’s harsh....

+2 votes

I've been following it on the news. Never a dull moment.

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“Off with their heads!!!” Every last politician.  All of ‘em. 

In politics, it seems like there is no honesty - only degrees of dishonesty. 

What the US went through the last 4 years was like a nightmare. Hopefully your country’s situation won’t be as bad! 

Hang in there GB. 

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