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Chris Cuomo, gov of NY?  If his actions happened recently, which I havent seen on the news, then I'm thinking, why on earth would he do this since the times of the Me Too movement?. On the other hand, there are always 2 sides to a story. Are these women lying to settle in courts for money? Or are they telling the truth?  I had no problem believing the women in the Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby,  and  Jeffrey Epstein cases, but I am having my doubts with Cuomo. 

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3 Answers

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I’m pretty cynical in that I think most people in positions of power are going to abuse that power one way or another. I hope it’s not true, but it probably is. 

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I agree. I'm hoping this isnt true. 

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Chris Cuomo is the BROTHER of New York's governor, ANDREW Cuomo.  Chris does a talk show on Sirius/XM radio on the POTUS channel and is also on CNN.  So far as I know, he has not been involved in the "inappropriate touching" charges.  

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Whoops, wrong name. You're right, I watch Chris Cuomo's talkshow sometimes as well. Thanks for correcting. 

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I don't know.  So far what I have seen is that he was making suggestive remarks that one woman felt was an invitation to go screw him.  Obviously he was not being sensitive enough with people who worked with/for him.  But a single, is he single, guy still looks for some sex.  It is not like he is grabbing them by the pussy and kissing them.  On the abuse of women scale established by the trumper, he barely qualifies as a one or two.

If something aggressive comes out, I may revisit my view.  But so far, it doesn't look terrible to me.  Horny old guy who is in place of authority.  Be careful.

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