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I'm  not sure i made it clear enough that I have no time for her, or him for that matter.

However, I'd bet my house that, if there were any racist  remarks, it came from Auld Phil. He is a well known racist.

That could explain why Harry hasn't gone home to see his sick grandad.

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I did watch.  My wife is into that sort of thing.  The interview was almost content free.  And O seemed to have an agenda.  But I lime harry.  I have always felt sorry for the fringe royals.  Harry only has a slightly better chance of being king than I do, and yet he isn't allowed to have a real job, and way too many rules.  Megan had it worse.  Wives are just arm candy.  No friends, no independence, nothing.  It is no wonder that the royals are mostly crazy.  Especially the wives from outside.

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I'll catch the highlights. I'm not going out of my way to watch it. However, as they are going to be financially independent, I see this as a way to put them on a platform to make money. The comment about the babies skin colour is pretty bad. Best guess is the royal family will wait it out.

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I didn’t watch it. 

But I have to admit I have a soft spot for Harry. He seems to always have chafed at the limits put on his life for being born into royalty. As for the wives... there is no way they could possibly know what they’re getting into unless they’re royalty themselves and are familiar with the scrutiny royals live under. I don’t envy any of them. Yeah they have money, but what a miserable existence they seem to have. 

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No, I didn't see it. I did see clips about it, and couldn't believe what Megan is going through, and I don't blame her nor Harry for breaking away from the royal duties as they did. Harry always seemed more daring than his brother, a bit more bold and courageous enough to say enough is enough. I'm sure his parents aren't happy, but honestly, the whole Royal family thing is so stressful for the younger people. They've got to get used to the pressure of being part of the family. I wouldn't be happy, for sure. 

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Mmmm. No!

I have thought since the beginning of their union (Harry and Megan) that she was waaaay more liberal than Queen Mum. 

I could see her reimagining the Royal Family! I don’t know much about the Royal Hierarchy but it always seemed that privately they didn’t support non-Royalty making changes in their *program*

If I sensed that, it amazes me that Megan either didn’t know or was never informed by her family or Harry prior to marriage.

For what ever reason Harry never seemed to seriously date other royals, who would be assured immediate acceptance into the Royal Hierarchy culture? Am I wrong?

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