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I napped today (my cat woke me again last night) and before I woke up I had this dream that someone was telling me about a word I've not heard of. It sounded like "vigantilism".  I kept repeating it and writing it with my finger (like tracing it). I just looked it up out of curiosity and would you believe it is a word?  Here is the meaning, never heard of it but it does come from vigilante.  Is that weird or not? 

US the methods, conduct, attitudes, etc, associated with vigilantes, esp militancy, bigotry, or suspiciousness.

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Very strange. I dream about words like cake and chocolate.

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I don't think that's weird at all !  (although, I'm probably a little 'weird' cuz I've had dreams come true down to the minute details, in an "ohhhh freak-me-out !" kind of way)

Our subconscious mind is a storehouse for vast quantities of thoughts, images, experiences, words, and (I think) our dreams are an outlet for something we've noticed or are thinking about subconsciously, or (I believe) 'other-worldly' things that are only available to us when/if we have somehow shut off all the noise of our conscious mind...

The interesting thing about your dream is; what was/is the significance of this particular word ? (In the context of your life).  

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<The interesting thing about your dream is; what was/is the significance of this particular word ? (In the context of your life).  >

    Thats the weird part. There is no significance, because I've not heard of it. I've heard of vigilant, but not that word. The way I heard it in the dream was pronounced  VI GAN TUH LISM.

    I have dreams that have come true too. Some are very weird, because I have no connection to some of them at all.  Once in my 20's or early 30's, I had a dream of a wooden door with a curved top, with the word "Druids" painted on it. I had not heard of the word until my sister in law told me what it was. Another time, I dreamt of an old church in Canterbury, and there were no Canterburys in my area (NJ). 


If not already apparent ?  Maybe in time...  the significance of that word in your life will become more obvious?!


I guess.  Its like the dreams were meant for someone else and not me. Very strange. 

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I never dream.  Ok..maybe I dream...but..I never recall anything.  Never.

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People have about 17 dreams per night and don't remember them.  I have found that when I totally give up sugar, I remember the last one upon awakening, and if it was really vivid and memorable, I'll remember that one too. That's one of the brain health benefits of fasting, too. It causes the new cells to eat up the old ones and your mind becomes more clear, you're able to think and focus more. 

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