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Well, I did get my shot yesterday, and I was surprised that it was so quick. I didn't even feel it, and it was one of those needles that retracted once it shot out. It was more like those little jabs you get from getting pricked on the finger for blood, only I was waiting for the little sting. Now all I have is a sore arm and I'm also a little tired. The tiredness hit me this afternoon. 

Once I got it you were made to wait for 15 minutes at the front of the pharmacy (CVS) for any reaction that might follow. I was fine, and I met 2 other people who were also waiting. It looks like we were all starved for conversation because that 15 minutes turned out more like 40 minutes.  I met the young woman first. She had not shopped in a long time and began to talk to me out of the blue, saying how good it was to be out and talking to people. I agreed, and we shared some info on our lives. It turned out she had had cancer and was recuperating from it. Then the man who was sitting also began to talk, and before you knew it we were talking movies, pets, living areas (the man told me I had a Boston accent, haha), and other stuff. We're going to meet on the same date for the 2nd shot. I really had a good time just talking with strangers. 

   I never knew how much I missed being out with a small group!  I am quite a talker and my girls have always said I was like that. 

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Ours was a drive through.  Through the window.  Then we had a sticky note pasted on the windshield with a time that we were able to go.  Drove over to the waiting area.  Talked to the parking person some but otherwise it was just sitting in the car.  

Yours sounds like more fun.  The second shot made me more tired and my joints hurt.  But nothing a day in bed could not cure.  LOL.

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I had to wait for mine a bit, yours sounds like it was quicker. It must be the few times I've seen my girls, and the longest time home with only pets that is making me miss human company.  Good news though. I am taking Chinese culture and language lessons from a meetup group. They are meeting somewhere at ta Tea Cafe for the next meetup, its usually online.  More places are opening here but Im hoping this is for outdoor eating if that's what they mean. 

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I will not get one.  My choice.  I envision little ids being injected with each vaccine. ....numbers.  LOL  Honestly--they were made too fast. After awhile and no bad effects..I may consider it---if it is even an issue a year or 2 down the line.  I am ALL for vaccines.  Get my flu shot every year. Had my 1st shingles vaccine as soon as I turned 50.  My kids were all up to date on vaccines.   I imagine a time will come when you will have to wear  mask only if you are not vaccinated.  My neighbors got their 1st vaccine last week.  He was fine, she got sick.  My parents got theirs Thursday--they were both fine.  The body will mount a defense--thus --the 'side effects'...some people experience.  

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IDs are not that tiny.  This is given with a very fine needle, besides the syringe is clear.  You could see if there was anything in there.

But the way it was made is completely new.  All previous vaccines were made with killed or wounded virus.  First they had to grow enough in the lab, usually in eggs, but sometimes horses, then they had to separate the virus out in the lab and kill it, then they had to make the vaccine.  Very long process.  For this virus, they synthesized the outside parts and attached them to a fat blob of some kind.  When injected, the blobs only hang around long enough to get the immune system started and then go away.  So that is the reason for two shots.

If you don't get vaccinated and die it is fine with me, please don't spread it around to others before you go.


You know, thinking little IDS would be in there is not logical, besides, vaccines have been with us for more than 2 centuries. If you are for vaccines, then you'd be glad they were able to make one this quick. We owe these vaccines to scientists and researchers who work with this every day of their lives. A nephew of mine is an immunologist,  and he helped with the development of the vaccine you had for shingles. It wasn't that long ago that they did. I'm with Wellone on not spreading it to others, you should be careful. I am masking up for another year, I don't care how uncomfortable people think a mask is. I have another friend who is the same as you and wont take it, why I'm unsure.  


The good news is that the technique used on this vaccine can probably be used on others, including some variants which should make it easier and quicker to produce new vaccines.


Thats good then. Anything improved in science is better for mankind. 

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Doc has had hers for awhile,  Being a healthcare worker she was 1st in line.  Living with a healthcare worker put me in the 2nd group to get theirs,  First shot was 2 weeks ago.

With young children in the house we will still play it super safe.  AKA  playing chicken with death is just plain stupid

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