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The attacks are incredibly ongoing for years and only getting attention now. These are Americans of Asian ancestry who are being assaulted at an alarming rate.  The attacks and violence against Asians have gone up 833% (!!!) since the virus began. Why? Thank Trump for calling the virus the "China flu" and putting all the blame on China, calling attention and inciting more violence to all Asians living here. 

  Why aren't we doing enough about it? I understand many attacks havent been reported to police because the elderly are afraid to create trouble, or want to lay low and not make scenes. This is horrible, it makes me so angry. :(((

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4 Answers

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This is SOOOOO disturbing! Assholes beating up OLD PEOPLE who are simply walking down the street just because they’re Asian. It’s reprehensible. How do we stop it? 

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At least it's getting the attention now that it hadn't been in the past. They need to.police up areas where there are high Asian populations and treat them ALL as hate crimes. I understand if the attacker uses no racial comments, it's not regarded as a hate crime. That is incredible. If a person had no reason to be attacked and us Asian, it needs to be regarded as that. Period. It IS reprehensible! 

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Didn't 6 Asian women get shot the other day? Their not just getting beat up.


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Yes, that happened in Atlanta, Georgia recently, at a salon. Many violent acts go unreported, so they have been suffering in silence. So upsetting. :((

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Perhaps you didn’t know/ realize the other races are racist not just the White Ones!

Many many blacks detest Asians

Many blacks are not fond of Mexicans

Asians, Whites,Greek and Jews often socialize  and live primarily within the own racial groups.

Hi- rise affluent apt bldgs may have a mix provided tenets can prove financial ability.

Muslims live and socialize amongst their own. Don’t even think of touching their Holy Book/ Koran, You infidel.

Now if we are such a progressive society why are we self segregating.

Societal simplicity and lack of misunderstanding.

If you religion forbids eating ham, you won’t have to confront your neighbor for giving your daughter that BLT.

Sights,sounds,culturesclash when in close proximity to something that is forbotten in yours.

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Those over generalizations are crazy. Can you quantify it? Especially the "many" Blacks detecting Asians and Mexicans.

I'd like to know where or how you got your facts. As a lady who has seen many instances of racial prejudice, I cannot seem to have found one black person (and I grew up in NYC and NJ) who dislikes Asians. And saying that Muslims live and socialize among their own, is pure hogwash. My brother in law's daughter married a Muslim. She is half Irish and half Puerto Rican. So that throws your theory out the window. 
    Prejudice is prejudice, but insanity is what you call people attacking Asians who were born here, or not. Simple. 

Amy you do not travel enough.  Also I can think of a number of exceptions to your NYC and NJ generalizations.


You are correct in most of your observations

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That White on Asian crime must cease. 
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