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Mine is the daisy.  The white w yellow center daisy.

Roses remind me of funerals when I smell them.

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11 Answers

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I like tulips or lilacs which smell like home.

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both lovely!!

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Mine is a pink or pale yellow rose. I like daisies too, along with tulips. Where I lived in NJ I had a Cape Cod daisy bush on one front corner of the property. Roses in the back. 

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I keep planting yellow roses and they keep dying on me!!!   too moist of soil I guess here in Ohio...the land of many lakes/ponds....clay soil sucks....


I didn't know you were here. What part? 

   Not a home owner yet, so I also didn't know there was clayish soil. Maybe you can add peat or some other compound to the soil in the hole where you put the plant in. 

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My garden prefers weeds. Funny that.

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well...weeds are the stronger ones...  

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Lily. I have numerous lilies surrounding my home. My favorite is what I call a ditch lily. It grows in the deep ditches in the South and sometimes Midwest. It is a tall bright orange lily that typically blooms in early to mid-May.

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I just have to be careful with easter lilies --I have cats...  they are lovely though!!


Do you mean the Day Liley?

+2 votes

Daffodils ( Sometimes called Buttercups) The sign of Spring!

by (64,250 points)

yes!!!  the best!!....along with forsythia


Would you believe I picked Buttercups too Blue Jay?! Buttercups/Daffodils aka Ranunculus family :) 

+1 vote

Roses and lilacs. 

by (2,455,400 points)

gorgeous both...!!

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Every since I was a child I liked Buttercups aka Ranunculus. My bestfriend and I used to hold one Buttercup under each others chin and say "Do you like butter?" The reflection from the flower show up on our skin as a yellow cast meaning we like butter. :)

NaturePlus: Wildlife Garden blog: A good year for buttercups

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Nice answer SandyGirl!


when i was little i use to eat them but then i stopped because i couldn´t find anymore

+1 vote

Rose, pink color

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+2 votes

Roses and Lavender 

by (11,100 points)

Nice Flowers ponygirl !

And welcome aboard

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amaryllis was mine because i had one and it was pretty

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+1 vote

Birds of Paradise

Hawaii Sourced  Bird of Paradise Seeds  Tropical Orange image 0

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