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Received your covid 19 vaccine yet?

I couldn't sleep on my left side for several days.


The bit about the microchip is removed. 

Apparently people have no sense of humor anymore.   

My 2nd dose is April 22.

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8 Answers

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Yes.  I have had both shots.  The first was bad.  The second was worse.  All of my joints hurt.

But then it is good.

Most people don't need to be microchiped.  They pay the phone companies to track their every move, and report all conversations to the server in Utah.

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Oh the humanity! Getting a vaccine so as not to kill your neighbors with a deadly infectious disease? That’s COMMUNISM, isn’t it?  I thought this was ‘Murica! Land of the free-to-be-stupid! 

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I certainly hope you were being facetious about being "microchipped."  I have had both my vaccine injections.  There IS a microchip attached to the syringe.  It records the date and location for the injection.  However, it does NOT get implanted into the person receiving the injection, nor does it record any information about said person.

Of course, the mental midgets who live by spreading fear conspiracies won't tell you the truth.

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The microchip part was a joke 

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I got my first dose on Tuesday and felt absolutely wretched on Wednesday, I ended up leaving the office mid-morning and working from home the rest of the day. I go back for the second dose at the end of the month and am contemplating preemptively working from home the following day.

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The Doc and I have been Jabbed along with the Grandparents.  Other than shoulder pain no problems./.  With the Toddler and the twins we are on the waiting list.

We are keeping our permanent residence 1190 Wien.  In reality we are in Siermark isolated. 

The Grandparents have both received both jabs. Doc's siblings waiting with baited breath.  Sice partnered with a Medico among other qual's I could get mine early.  Siblings of Doc's are not happy.......

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Just got my second dose yesterday. My arm is sore but moving it around in circular motions and extending/ contracting the arm will help as it did with the first.  No reaction other than that so far, but the first one made me tired for about 3 days and I slept a lot. 

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Nope... We have been trying at all pharmacies and state health dept. SW Ohio is no man’s land in Ohio! While Dayton and Cincinnati have mass injection sites, I believe their residents get first dibs. Being away from the major cities Akron,Cleveland etc has many advantages, no so in this case. Middle sized cities have seen the closure of sites that primarily would give the shots.

That being said we do twice daily scans of sites availability even shortly after midnight.

Having had Covid Jan 1st we are hoping we have some window of immunity left. But we are still taking no Big Risks!

Double masking until we are blue. I have allergies, he seems Claustrophobic. Washing and sanitizing hands until they they resemble a Praying Mantis!!

I suspicion this will improve with 70-80% of population becoming vaccinated. But under the best possible compliance when could that be?

And certainly opening our borders wide without testing seems counter-intuitive?

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Have you tried cvs online? They can tell you where the vaccine is available where you are, or in other zip codes near you. You have to keep trying, and refreshing the page. Sometimes later in the night, you'll find an open appointment. Mine was 21 minutes from me, not near where I am at all. 


Yes, We are registered at CVS, Kroger, Walmart, Walgreens,,Meijer,Ohio State Health Dept. UC Health network, Premier Health network and Butler Co health dept!

We both check several times daily and at around midnight. The larger Metro areas seem to get the *lion share* of vaccine and the rest trickles down to the smaller localities!

We have our settings for 20 miles and comes up unavailable or “fully booked”

The only people I know who are vaccinated are   Nurses, Dr’s, first responders etc.


I'm in shelby county(ohio) and  got mine at the health department.    

No wait time.    

I emailed them and they called back to set up a time.   


I'm in Columbus and was lucky to get an appt about a month ago. Now my daughter is trying and everything is booked. 



Just made our Covid shot appts this evening for April 13. We lucked out CVS is a mere 5 miles away and our appt times are 5 minutes apart! I am beyond relieved! They will schedule our 2nd dose when we receive the 1st shot.

Hopefully I can live a more relaxed yet cautious existence and not cloistered away like a monk!


See that? I bought you some luck there! Lol j/k.  Did it take long to book? 


Not really. It was online. It claimed the apppt would expire within 15 minutes all the while asking for your Dr’s phone #, exact address,zip code etc.

A little difficult with  my disabilities and ability to screw up anything online. Lol. No my strong suit.


That's odd that they asked for doctor information, I wasn't asked that. But being that you do have those medical issues, that's probably why you were asked. Good for you that you got it. 

0 votes ...will not be getting any vaccines...   each to his/her own.....

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