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+3 votes

Is this another example of *systemic racism *

Is *Jim Crow* alive and well in the CDC?

<sarcasm applied or not>

in In the News by (779,540 points)

8 Answers

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Vaccination vacations for the wealthy.

by (324,730 points)
+2 votes

They should just give it to anyone who doesn't want to die.

by (4,001,011 points)
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Here in washington state, who gets the vaccine is based on age.  They didn't require proof. Maybe it is like buying booze.  Generally, they have a sign posted that they require identifation for anyone under 40.  But they don't ask me.  I may get the old fat guy exemption.  The vaccine givers didn't ask either, some of whom looked older than I am.  I don think that they really care if someone 59 sneaks into the 60 and over group.

But then the state is trying to increase access to vaccine, not discourage it.  Where you live may be different.

by (1,524,050 points)

Too verify Identification. You may a pre-appointment,show up, show ID.

Just their protocol.


Every place is different.  Here, no id requird.  Depend on if it is run by the GOP or not.  Lolol

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I think it's more of having the confirmation of having been vaccinated, much like the "I Gave Blood Today" or "I Voted Today" stickers.  In THIS case, however, such ready identification allows others to know "Hey, I have had both vaccines; I am not one who will be transmitting Covid because of the vaccine; don't worry about whether you can let me into your store/restaurant/plane; etc."  

Too many people are making it a "The government is trying to control us!  Beware!" kind of thing.

by (809,340 points)
+3 votes

In Austria you need your ID for everything.  In places in the US ID is required to give some semblance of equality. 

by (2,884,340 points)
+3 votes

I'm not sure what you mean, but I would think it is necessary to.prove who you are, so that the right person gets vaccinated. 

by (1,035,590 points)
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Are you talking about voter suppression? The right wing are advocating you need ID to vote. This apparently disenfranchise people from the black community.

If  I'm right then yes, Jim Crow is still dancing.

by (3,014,490 points)

No, Belle picture ID for Covid vaccine.

I am really at a loss abt voter suppression.

I’ve had access to either a Dr’s license or state ID since I was 16.

Many areas of the US require ID for everything nearly:

Cashing checks ( grocery)

Dr’s appts 

Air travel

Covid vaccine 

Probate/ legal services procurement 

Real estate

This prevents fraud in these areas of society. I have heard no one say the Medical Institution is suppressing folks of color? Same with Housing a Development or Covid vaccine?

I am not trying to *wind up* anyone!!

Just trying to understand why this is only an “issue” in regards to voting?

And how do folks without either picture ID mentioned above function in today’s modern world?


Because there are a lot of people who have no drivers license.

These same people don't use checks, or fly on airplanes and real estate is not an issue for them either.

Dr.s don't require Id, they only care who is going to pay.

Everyone tries to find a workaround for no id, except for voting.  They are trying to find ways to prevent people


Here's the cast AGAINST the Voter ID laws...  my main one is "The Voter ID law is a solution in search of a problem."  In other words, there is NO fraud--only disparate solitary examples of it, and ironically, the Republicans are the ones who have been caught at it. Why, then, do we need to require an ID when essentially there is not a problem with people voting improperly?


One can get a State ID that has photo identification. It works for the disabled and elderly. All of my Dr’s require photo ID to prevent insurance fraud. Same at my local hospital that I have frequented all to often. My guy must show photo ID to even pick my prescriptions. The VA here requires photo ID. When I voted a photo ID was required either Drs Lic or State ID.

If no photo ID is required anyone can say they are anybody uncontested.

I agree generally speaking here in the heartland there isn’t a big push to get illegals to vote. But I would bet some enterprising politician of either party could see an advantage in harvesting illegal ballots. Why leave temptation to fate.

It just seems if a society doesn’t have guard rails it has no boundaries.

+1 vote

good we go...  LOL...not my cup of tea......bite my ass if you think I'm gonna lube up and bend over...  LOL  LOL  

.My hubs may have to get his to travel---he is not pleased....  the black market already has vaccine records for sale...---prove it was not me who got it----wink- wink.......

by (22,180 points)
Maybe a federal database of everyone who has been vaccinated could be created.    

Present a fraudulent document and prison time could be in your future.   
Would it be legal? 

Let the courts deal with that part.  

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