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If tens hundreds of thousands of immigrants are allowed into the US, without any earthly possessions save a backpack.....

What are they supposed to do for their daily needs!

Food, water, shelter, cleanliness?

Wouldn’t any administration planning on the acceptance of said travelers need to take into consideration  the basic logistics?

Without some type of failsafe wouldn’t the world basically show up looking at the Southern Border looking for alms?

Anyone questioning the logic is thereby a suspicions racist?

What’s your take? Seriously?

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Lady you have hi the nail on the head.  The US as a Nation is broke and still charging a lot of the Credit Card.  The US cannot take care of its' own yet we are expected to take of this lot.

When Merkels refugee crisis hit it was a Cluster F__K.  The poorer Southern Nation kept passing the refugees through to the richer countries.  When the borders closed and deportations started there were crys of anguish. However the deportations are continuing.

The refugees are not really refugees per se, they are economic migrants wo should be sent back.  At a minimum the stress the States Financial Resources and emboldened the Monied Class to suppress citizens wages.  We have and will continue to do arrest and ilong jail time for those who hire illegals

Doc and I do feel sorry for these folks, however we do not want them here.  There are many problems which the Politicians minimize or suppress. 

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Drop in the ocean.

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Most Americans can trace their family's history all the way back to when one or some of their relatives came to America from "the old country" without a penny to their names, and because they were willing to work hard, they were able to make some money, eventually get a family started, and then become more and more prosperous as time went on.  

Donald Trump's family, for example, victimized by hardship in Europe, came over from Germany when Friedrich Trump (anglicized from Drumpf to Trump) changed his name to Frederick Trump and had to live with his sister because he didn't have any money.  He started out as a barber and worked hard, etc.

So... I'm not sure what your point is...  it's OK that everyone in the PAST came here penniless but it's not OK for people to come TODAY if they are penniless and are suffering from hardships in their home towns/countries?

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Mmmm. Historically speaking you are correct.

However, sour country is no long an agricultural society and labor jobs now require licenses etc.

Any group of people who can be guided by coyotes, lawyers and politicians are not representative of the groups of immigrants fleeing a *potato famine*  Those people had trades before they came. Being hungry didn’t mean they were unskilled in the types of jobs neede to be done in the New Country.


It is pretty obvious that you have never done any labor.  All of the labor jobs that I have done have not required any licenses.  You show up, you work.  I have dug ditches, surveyed land, guided tourists, photography assistant, crane chaser, foundry worker, railroad track gang, blasting powder man, among others and not once did anyone ask for a license.

Most immigrants did not have a useful trade.  If they had a trade they probably had no reason to leave their families in Europe.  There were a few hard rock miners, but the vast majority were poor, uneducated laborers.

You need to get out in the world more and get a grip on reality.


My paternal grandparents were peasants from the coastal city of Bari in southern Italy. Not only did they not have any skills, they didn’t speak a word of English, had no money and 3 kids (2 more added after they settled here.) From that humble beginning, comes myself, my sister and all my multiple cousins and their offspring - all of us law-abiding, tax-paying American citizens. 


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   I am sure that the government already knows about what immigrants will need when they get here. So you shouldn't worry about it and know that they can do their jobs. 

       No one questioned this when this country came to be. The only ones questioning this now are people who should be worried about problems that are more worrisome than this. For your information, immigrants have been coming to this country for a long time. And there were people who came with no skills or trades. They came for work and live a better life, just like your ancestors and just like these people. They found work and there was no problems, as long as they were willing to work. I'm sure they will pay taxes too, just as they do now. 

   Thats my take. 

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Why should we support  it with our tax dollars?


The government waste hundreds of thousands elsewhere if not millions. Again, drop in the ocean when you're talking trillions of national debt and money spent on defense.


Thank you Blue!  The govt spends millions on other non necessities, including a senseless wall. And, not to be rude, but I don't see why Arch needs to be worried. After all I thought he retired and was in Europe last time he spoke. 


PS- Anyone who works here DOES pay taxes, so it will even out. Except if your name is Donald Trump, and a few others. 

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Both my paternal grandparents and my maternal great-grandmother fit that description exactly when they came here from Italy. Not a pot to pee in between them and no English spoken. My Dad’s father worked manual labor on a government project - he helped maintain the railroad that runs through the city of Chicago - back-breaking labor with a small paycheck from Uncle Sam - while his wife tried to feed 5 kids on pennies a day. 

So. Welcome to the newest immigrants. In 20 years their kids will be just like the rest of us. 

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