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Let’s say all off a nations solutions to its problems lay in a  wide array of moderate thinking.

How likely is that nation likely to seize upon a solution by switching back and forth every 4-8 between the most radical off thought between the two extremes?

Since there are only typically only 2 party systems 

Conservative vs Liberal the middle political ground seems pretty underdeveloped.

What if it were so?

Could anyone promote such a cause without being a heretic and thus be cancelled?

Jus askin’ for a friend.

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3 Answers

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It's good for those that like a good comment war and being proven right.

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Not everything is adversarial Blue!

Opinion is not right or wrong... it is an opinion.

Facts are sometimes facts and sometimes not!

Facts can be facts until proven out sometimes decades or centuries later!

Just Relax!


Didn't say it was.

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This is where the US is now as well as most other democracy's.

This situation has morphed top paralysis of adequate responses to Chins, Russia, & Iran at the top of the list.  Glad we are in Stiermark where the Nuke radiation should not get us.

We would hat to e Be in:

1. The Baltic States

2. The Ukraine

3. Taiwan

4. With any Coastal Elite

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A two party system is the rarity, not the norm.  Most countries have several parties, some up to a dozen or so.  Most parliamentary governments with a prime minister usually have a bunch of parties.  As a rule, they don't function any better than our two party system.  Look a italy.  New government every year.  Israel has been trying to form a government for years.  

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