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Serious question.

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5 Answers

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He's an incompetent buffoon.     

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He never does his homework.  That is why he is the bankruptcy king.  He doesn't really care about running anything, and has no real ability for that sort of things.  He just likes money and the trappings of power.  He has found that any project that has a cash flow has massive potential for skimming, graft, and corruption which he is very good at.  At the end of any project, he stiffs everyone that he can, declares bankruptcy, and looks for something else with cash flow.

Like laundering money for the russians.

Generally he makes decisions based on his enormous gut.  Much like a dog.  Should he eat it, screw it, or urinate on it. Sometimes he does all three, at least according to the russian hookers.

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lol You kill me.

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Why should he when he can get one of his boot-licking worshippers to do it for him? 

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Trump  rarely ever read (1)

Was known for not doin g his own work(2)

Got most of his info from TV, rarely read Intel reports(3)

You actually think he knew what was going on?  Look up the definition of Narcissist

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Business men quite frankly generally want things broken down in its simplistic form. They have very little appetite for reading long drawn out written descriptions of problems followed by pages of possible solutions. The CEO’s I have known prefer to brainstorm in a conference room. In fact getting them to respond to an email if often an endeavor.

They are quick thinkers on their feet and decisions are made rapid fire. Their mindset is the *bottom line* and typically not social programs.

There’s a lot to like and not like about this style depending on your perspective.

ago by (772,040 points)

It helps if you have pictures as well and a powerpoint presentation that puts you to sleep in 20 seconds flat. I provided tech support to directors and heads of organisations for years. Most of them are just full of buzz words.

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