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Decipher if you can.

This is a 10 on the crazy scale!  

I thank he did and they not saying it how long are you going live in fear this what satan wants. 4th of population  will die and it be becouse vaccine  and the pestilence five G's that are microwaving everyone but no one knows the 5G is given as radiation through our body and very fast to it makes you have diarrhea it makes you run fever you know covet is has the same signs as radiation do you even know that y'all want 5G Towers up well look what it's doing to you look what the Chemtrails the pestilence are doing to you and that vaccine goes right along with Satan system Corona adds up to 666 you walk in a store what do you see on the floor at 6 feet apart stay 6 feet apart stay 6part 3 in a row what do you get 666 it's the system of Satan that your guys are too blind to see what it is about your a sheep you're asleep you need to wake up Jesus is soon to come I don't know when but I know it's soon y'all better get prepared and ask for forgiveness and get right with Jesus before it's too late and stop having the fear getting sick you're making yourself sick

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Hallelujah and put some money in my basket! For Jesus, of course! 

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It's funny how this person, among many others, are trying to make the pandemic into something related to the book of Revelations in the Bible. It takes about a "mark of the beast" in it. Movies have come up with ideas on it (The Omen, etc).  However little do they know that that book Revelations was written about wars and conflicts that were going on in countries spoken about in the Bible during that time in history. It has nothing to do with Satan or the number 666 because these extremely confusing accounts were written in parables. So I can see why those who try to make sense of it sound as deranged as that writer, especially if they are poor writers to begin with. 

That's my take on it! 

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