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Preferably LARGE and ALL stainless steel.

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Weber is a good brand, but all of them make some that are better than others.

Judge a grill by the weight.  A heavier grill will hold the heat in bad weather way better than a cheap aluminum thing.  Just lift the lid, the heaviest wins.

In addition to my Weber propane I have  a Green Mountain pellet smoker.  It fires up quickly and adds more flavor than propane and it lets me do low and slow smoking for ribs, pulled pork, brisket, etc.

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Great Answer.  

We have a Weber Gemini, and it's our second one that we have owned.  We have it hooked up to our natural gas line, so it works year round without our having to worry about running out of propane.


Excellent answer thank you.


I too hook up all my grills to my home natural gas line. That's definitely the way to go. Some grill manufacturers have the natural gas kit enclosed. My Ducane did. Weber used to make Ducane.


Very helpful answer! Thank you. I'm sure I'll go with a Weber. I currently have a Ducane. Ducane is made by Weber but Weber has discontinued Ducane. I've had it for many years, replaced the insides only once. I was extremely happy with it. I, also, have a smaller one still it great condition. The large one we use for parties. Thank you again for your excellent answer!


A friend of mine was telling me about an interesting experience he had with his grill.  He had it on his back deck, and it had a black metal hood covering the grill. He noticed that the snow tends to melt off the grill lid and figured the sun was melting the snow and the black color was absorbing the sun's rays to promoted the melting.

Then he noticed that when it was really cold, the snow would melt off and the birds would sit on it. Finally, he got suspicious enough to go out and take a closer look.  He had left the grill ON at a very low temperature... for two and a half months!!!!  and that was the real reason the snow melted off the grill right away...  Too funny!

Too funny is right, and interesting. Thanks for sharing that! No harm no foul! :)
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You know what you want.  Large and stainless steel, so don't worry about brand, just check out features and buy it.

But be careful of claims to be stainless.  I have bought a couple that said stainless, but only had stainless on the covers.  You need the guts stainless steel.  The burners, heat deflectors, and grill.  These are the parts that take the abuse from the flame and corrode or bend.  I have never had the outside rust through but have replaced a number of internal parts,  now all stainless.

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Helpful answer as well thank you.

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