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Used to be that the last thing a bank teller wanted to see was a man coming through the door with a mask on.

Now they want let you in without one/

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I guarantee you no one in the retail/ security industry is happy about people obscuring their identity while entering their place of employment. Add to that a beanie, hoodie,gloves and other concealing clothing and everyone’s BP just rose 30%.

When I began my management career the thoughts of heist of our registers/cash office was minimal. Although we always planned and trained for such an occasion.

By the time of my severance, crime had escalated to the point that every weekend I had to call the police for an in store serious disturbance. I worked 3 rd shift and it really got rocking’ by 11:30pm!

I can only imagine how out of control it is a mere decade later.

None of this is the cashiers idea. I am sure their sphincter muscles are mighty tight!!!   ; - )

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Lucky you to still have a bank. All our local ones shut down and we need travel for one.

My bank doesn't have the app to deposit cheques yet.

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Funny that. At least Americans can still carry guns.

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More interesting is that guns can be carried into most banks while wearing a mask.

The bank would prefer that you use the drive through.  Lol

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