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8 Answers

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Keeping the rule book

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Resourcing the humans. 

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Keeping the company from legal liability!

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Making sure Facebook isn't blocked.

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Making sure that all employees are actually humans.  Many companies had a huge problem with this a few years ago when the rolls of employees were populated by several dogs and cats and a few canaries.

So... making sure that paychecks go out to humans, not animals.

Another great responsibility for the HR department is to make sure that everyone in the company knows that they exist and that "HR" stands for "Human Resources."  Many people believe in the conspiracy theory promoted by several QAnon supporters that HR stands for "Holy Republicans."

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Ensuring that HR is an essential department so that it never suffers layoffs or downsizing, no matter how little work that they actually do.

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It used to have a good to excellent function over the years it has morphed inot Management and Coporate protection.  It became a risk management functiom

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The most important function of the human resource department is the main function; to keep employee relations open and appropriately managed.

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A vote from your EVER FAITHFUL CEO !

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