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I'm watching bits and pieces and he has a shit hot defence lawyer. It's still the prosecutions case but his defence is really pushing for reasonable doubt, and I can see how that could work.

Jeezo if Chauvin gets off America will burn..

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3 Answers

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I've been watching a lot of it when it's on. That's the thing it's often about how good your lawyer is. And it's not cheap.

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Does the police union pay for that do you know?


Don't know. But 53maleprison on here dished out about $10,000 to get him off the hook.

Nice to have friends in high places

I am not sure but I believe the court can assign an amount the prosecution must pay if they don’t prove their case?

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Most likely America will burn either way.

My point:  If Chauvin gets off scot free.... the media will incite a race war.

If he gets some charge of lesser Murder ...the result will be the same.

He most likely will not receive the Death Penalty altho IMHO he deserves to fry at low voltage.

The US media has been baiting a race war ... and they damn well may achieve it.

Netflix will love the outcome either way!

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Why do tgey say Scot free? I'm not sure I would ;-)


They should impeach the media.


; - ) Scot is a derivative of a Scandinavian word for scat = tax.

I assure you there is no slur toward the Scots.

Actually you all fair pretty well in our press. Must have a good PR team.  ;  - D))

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Yes, I follow it when I can. 

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