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Surprise me !

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I was in a movie with Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal, Love and Other Drugs.  The scene I was in (featuring both of them) was cut from the movie, which I found out only when I went to the theater to see it on the big screen.

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Oh no! That could have been your break out moment!


Not really.  :-)

I've been in several movies as an extra.  I don't think any of them could ever be "break out moments."  ;-)

In fact, that scene was completely embarrassing.  In the scene, I was a doctor in the office and was supposed to pantomime dialogue with them.  The camera was stationed down the hallway, shooting in through the doorway. I walked into the office and turned to the right, so I was pretty much out of the shot except for the clipboard I was holding.  I pantomimed a "Hello, I'm Dr. so-and-so to Anne and the same to Jake.  Of course, they were allowed to talk, but as an extra, I was not permitted to do so. (They would have to pay me more if I had a line.)

We shot the scene a number of times, but the first take was really embarrassing.  At the end of the scene, the director called "Cut."  Both Jake and Anne heard him, but I didn't because I was more or less "around the corner of the office."  I was under the impression we were still filming.    So Anne Hathaway offered her hand to me and said, "Hi.  I'm Annie."  I thought we were still filming, so I pantomimed a response to her.  She tried to stifle a smile.  Jake was not so subtle.  He elbowed me in the side and said, "Hey, man, the scene's over now. You're allowed to talk..."

I turned fifty shades of purple and felt as if I were two inches tall and just wanted to slink out of there.  LOL

We shot the scene five or six more times, and Jake had fun with it, talking to me after each take and teasing me.  Both of them were extremely nice and personable.  I admire both of them immensely, not the least of which includes my appreciation for the allowances they made for the "rookie."

When I went to the theater to see the movie, the scene was set.  The camera showed them sitting in the office waiting for the doctor (me) to enter.  Just as I was to walk into the scene, they cut away to the next scene.  So my 6-8 takes of the scene ended up on the cutting room floor. 



I was in a movie in Central Park (NYC) , when I was inn the 4th grade. The movie featured Danny Kaye and the singing group "The Toys".  I've never been able to find that movie. :(. But it was fun, and I remember being told to just dance. 


Media, that was so funny! Lol.  I hadn't known you got to meet the actors, good part you played then, even if they cut it you had the experience of working with 2 well known actors. 

I knew a teacher who was an extra in the movie Glory. How did you come about being an extra? 


After 34 years of putting on 3-6 shows a day for my classes, I decided it might be fun to take my acting on the road.  ;-)

I had a speaking part in an Independent "coming of age" movie shot in northern Ohio called Bringing Up Bobby.  I played a stereotypical used car salesman.  It was fun, and I got along really well with the kids in the cast.  

One night, very very late, around 3:00 a.m., I was sitting on the couch with the TV on, and I had just finished up a mundane task on my laptop.  I knew I should go to bed, but I thought, "I wonder what is on TV."  So I started flipping slowly up through the cable channels.  Eventually, I clicked on the remote and paused to see what was on.  To my surprise, there was MY face on the screen, delivering one of my comedic lines!  I thought I was going to fall off the couch, I was so surprised. It's not often you look up and see your own head, larger than life-sized, on a big flat-screen TV!

I was also in a movie called The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks, shot here in Pittsburgh.  I was in a couple of crowd scenes, one on the street and the other in the subway (called the "T" here).  In the street scene, I was among the crowd on the sidewalk heading towards either a Penguins game (hockey) or Pirates game (baseball).  It was set in a time frame where both seasons were overlapping, so there was a mix of logos on the apparel we wore.  Anyway, Russell Crowe's part was to race across the street with Elizabeth Banks as they made their escape from the jail.  Then they ran up the sidewalk in front of me.  Russell Crowe garbed a Pirates jacket from "someone" to put on as a disguise as he turned the corner and headed for the T.

All that can be seen of *me* in that scene is a tiny yellow speck in the crowd behind him as he gets across the street (the yellow on my Pirates jacket).  I was WAY back in the crowd.  But we had to keep on walking until the director called "cut."  So I always ended up walking about 20 yards past where he and Banks crossed the street.  Between takes, we rested up until the director called "Reset!" and we went back to our starting marks.  Since I didn't want to just stand at my starting mark, I decided to sit on a little wall and rest a bit, right near where the two ran across the street.  Between takes, the two of them walked by me on their was back over for the next take each time.  The rule for extras is "Don't talk to the stars.  They're working, and they don't have time to chat it up with fans, so leave them alone and be professional.  Do your job and don't speak unless they speak to you first."  

So I just sat there and just glanced up at them (making sure not to stare) when they came by me. After the second take, Russell Crowe walked over to me and said, "Hey, that's a great-looking [Pirates] jacket.  Did you get that from wardrobe or is that your own?" I told him it was my own, and we chatted about nothing in particular for a while until the director called "Reset!"  Elizabeth Banks just stood a few feet away and looked bored.  He was very nice to me, and between other takes, he made an effort to talk a bit with some of the other extras as well.  She didn't, but I don't think we can blame her for not talking up the peasants.  ;-)


Now that’s what makes life interesting!

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I like answering stupid questions.

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No surprise!  ; - ))

Tell me about your love of music anything exceptional abt that?

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I have 3 girls .

14 ( 15 in July)  



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I build scale model airplanes.  WWI mostly.

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Do you hang them or display in a case?


Hang mostly.  No room for a display case.  Of course hanging, I only get to see the bottom.  

The interesting thing is learning about the plane.  Did you know that in a lot of the early radial engine designs, the engines were two cycle, the crank shaft was held solid to the plane with the propeller being attached to the engine case and the whole assembly rotating around the crankshaft.  The things had no throttle.


No, I didn’t. Have been to WPAFB museum where the real planes are hung pretty cool. And the Smithsonian Aeronautics Museum in DC. I like this stuff but not knowledgeable abt the mechanics.


One of the advantages of this design is that the exhaust only goes out the bottom of the airplane, not into the pilots face.  

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I have a slow, but bad temper when I allow it to come out.  :(. I like trying new ethnic foods. 

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What type of ethnic foods do you like. Can you stomach spicy? I used to have an iron stomach, however the last years it’s a no go.


Yes, I can stomach spicy as long as it's not burning hot. Mexican food to me isn't spicy, at least what they serve in restaurants. Japanese sushi can be spicy, as are some soups. With Indian food you can ask for more or less spicy food.

I have had Greek, Indian, Mexican, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Lebanese, Portuguese, Italian, and soon to be Korean food. 


I’ve never had Lebanese or Portuguese.  Is there a theme in either?


Well, Lebanese is middle eastern, so you have lots of dishes with hummus, pitas, shish kabobs, lentils, etc. To me, it's very similar to Greek food. Portuguese food is close to Spanish foods in that there are many rice and seafood dishes, sausages ( like chorizo), and they also eat rabbit, which is something I won't eat. I'll stick with their seafood and stews. 

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I have severe mood swings.


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Tough one Lady

1.  I have lived with and had children with two Doctors; One a PHD of Statistics, One a MD (Surgeon)

2.  I have lived in 7 different countries, traveled to a total of 97 Plus, been on every continent except Antarctica

3.  We have retired and withdrawn from the world until this Civid mess gets straightened out with Vaccines, Therapeutics & common sense.  What I have seen 1st hand scares the living daylights out of me

4.  I have family/cousins in France, Germany/,Australia, South Africa, Brazil & Argentina.  Believe ior not most are involved in the wine business in some form. Primarily growers, vintners or brokers.

5.  I tolerate fools lightly, however I am polite to them.  Even a complete idiot can utter a pearl of wisdom

ago by (2,879,760 points)

Have the majority of your * lived in* countries been European?

Ever lived even short time in an Asian country?

I think Japan would be interesting. But the older customs primarily.

Ireland was on my bucket list until my disability.

Traveling for business is never as pleasurable as leisure.

Hopefully you took lots of photos as you  went country to country?


1.  Bangkok, Hong Kong, Vienna, Paris, Aman, Short Stints in Peshawar, and a fire base in Iraq.  Had a 134 meter quadrat in Paris, 144 meter qudrat in Vienna.  Still own the Vienna flat, sold the Paris flat 2 years ago in anticipation of retirement and nudged by an obscene offer

2.  Japan been to many time.  Never have been lucky or so low on the Totem pole as to have been posted

3.  My Ex is Irish, been there many times.  I would highly recommend.  My oldest two have dual Passport Status

4. Later portion of my Business travel I could schedule coming when & going I went and left.  Always made sure .I had a weekend at either end to explore. 

My base in my final years was either Paris or Vienna.  I did maintain a base outside of NYC.  My teams were based in Central and Eastern Europe, Mideast & Africa.  Shed India 10 years ago

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