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Step forward and be recognized or give me a vote.

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I own, and enjoy riding Thoroughbred horses, which includes, but not limited to enjoying the Sport of Horse Racing! Note my Avatar. I support and often participate in the Second Chance Thoroughbreds organization, as well as, being a donor to the Rainbow Bridge Fund. Second Chance Thoroughbreds is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to retraining, re-homing and finding a second job for retired race horses and those who never make the track. I'm, also, a safety first advocate who along with my team promote safety, and drug free racing. Many don't realize just how far the Horse Racing industry has improved over the last few years, and that's because of those who care enough to step up to see the change they want to see. It's easy to be an armchair know it all, it's another thing to actually do something about it.

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Thank You SandyGirl for your well written  and informative answer!


Prefer Trachaners or Hanarovians myself, however good for you.


Trakehner, and Hanoverian are both BEAUTIFUL horses too! 

Thank you!


For Dressage and Jumping easier to handle than a Thoroughbred.  Now Trachaners love to jump and become a bit snarky when all one is doing is ring workputs

Now given the Nature of the base of thoroughbred; Arab, Barb & Turk they do have less conformation problems


Thank you Blue Jay :)


You`re Welcome SandyGirl !

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My vote is in!!

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Thanks JSC!

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I would say I'm a fair weather fan, lol.

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Welcome aboard Sam ! How sweet it is!


Thanks Blue Jay! 

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I am a huge fan!! 

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That goes without saying ponygirl ! Thanks!

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