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Where would it be?

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5 Answers

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Australia. My son went there for a 12 month working holiday neatly 4 years ago. He landed a plum job and looks like he is staying. I'm so happy that he is leading his best life and I'm one proud mama but I do miss him.

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When did you last see him, Belle?  I'm living here but one of my daughters was last seen around Christmas.  :(((


I last saw him xmas 19. He surprised me on Xmas eve. Initially he was coming home gor my 60th in January past but of course we were all on lock down with travel restrictions.

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Antarctica. It's so cool.

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I am living in one of my two favorite places, Austria.  My second favorite place is Minnesota.  A close third would be the Ranch I grew up on in Wyoming.  Outside of those everyplace else is an also ran.

Places I have lived however would never go back,:

1. NYC and the Greater Tri State Area is number 1

2.Most places in Africa, West Africa especially

3. Anywhere in India or China

4.  My Cousins place in Mendoza Argentina - I would blow my diet in 2 days and look like a beached whale in a year.  My cousins vineyards are gorgeous along with everything else.  The resident Labradors would be spoiled beyond belief,  In short my cousins place specifically and Argintina generally is a slice of heavcen if one ignore the politics

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My first choice, if I could afford to live there would be in northern California. Perfect weather, dry and beautiful. I wouldn't care about earthquakes. Sausolitio and La Jolla cant be beat IMO. My second choice would be in northern Spain, and lastly in the mountains of Puerto Rico, which are spectacular. 

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I actually moved here after retiring because it was a great place that I could afford.  It has lots of water for boating or fishing, it has a small ski resort, it has mountains and public land and access.

If money were no object, I would be somewhere similar, but hopefully fewer rednecks.  Jackson Hole Wy, springs to mind but I am not sure about the redneck population.  Lol.  Maye Sun Valley.

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