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+4 votes

Life was better when the lunatics were quarantined. 

Why didn't the good guy with the gun play hero?  

It's the land where everyone plus your grandmother has a gun.    

in Daily Life by (35,630 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote

I'm getting Deja Vu.

by (4,001,011 points)
0 votes

Yeah we call that “Thursday” here in the US - land of the free and home of the idiots. 

by (2,434,850 points)
0 votes

Life was better when the lunatics resided in asylums and criminals in resided in prison.

Dude they have more rights than you do!

by (779,440 points)

Do you ever listen to yourself speak?  

You must be a blast at parties.    


No need to get nasty  & assy. I answered your post.

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<Life was better when the lunatics were quarantined.>

  True!  But the way you worded this also struck me as funny.  Note that there were no shootings in the past year here (I think unless I escaped one). How terrible that it's starting again. 

by (1,035,590 points)
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