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As you know, COVID-19 did not originate in space or on some God-forsaken land. It was not created under the sea, it was not created by dinosaurs. President Trump used the words CHINA VIRUS and rightfully so. For those of you who despise the mere mention of President Trump's name, I ask you a simple, child-like question: WHERE DID COVID-19 COME FROM? Honestly, if China is not responsible (I know they are), where did it come from? How on earth did a virus in Wuhan China spread so quickly across the globe killing so many people, especially the elderly? You say?

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If it originated in the US you'd be blaming everyone else so fast your head would spin. Where did Ebola originate?

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Oh okay then, if thats how to play we will change the name of the Spanish Flu to the American Flu.

Turn around is fair play..

However, what does it matter where it came from, once it was in a country it was the  responsibility of that country's leaders to protectthe  citizens 

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The only reason these idiots care is because it's China.


The Spanish Flu originated in Asia.  It was nameds the Spanish Flu because the Spanish King was the 1st celebrity to catch it

Regardless, Archerchef... I’ve never seen a more bizarre urgency to place blame than that of Trump and his supporters to make sure that every mention of COVID includes its place of origin. It’s freaking weird, it smacks of racism and it’s irrelevant. The fact that they can’t let go  of it is really strange. 

Trump was deflecting it has come out he had intelligence reports in 2017 about the nature and dangers posed by the Wuhan Lab.

IMO Trumo is to blame for the catastrophic spread of this disease.  I wish he could be held criminally libel and charged with Capital Crimes for the deaths he has caused.

I do not think racism was involved.  I think Trump was not getting his way and this supported his move for a Boycott of Chinese goods.  IMO though this has been 20 years long overdue


No one knows definitively where the Spanish flu (H1N1)started, Spain wasn't hit badly by it but as it was a neutral in WW1 the censors of the  war exaggerated the  cases in Spain While hiding the cases in UK, France and US. 

It is thought thatthe  trenches left men with weak immune systems that was susceptible to infections andthe  first cases were found in the  US was in barracks in Kansas. A


Trump labelled it the China virus to try and shift the focus off thousands of dead Americans. The idiot has come out with excuse after excuse.


Blue look at the intel reports from 2017, Atlantic I believe.  Un-fing believable.  Trump lashed out to cover his ass

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What makes the damn difference? We don’t call the 1918  pandemic  the “US flu” and we don’t call SARS “the Viet Nam flu.” Why this glaring need to prove a pointless point? 

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My best guess it originated in China at the Lab in Wuhan.  Alarms were raised in 2017 about the Lab by US and UN delegations.  It comes out after the fact the Lab is tightly controlled by the PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) and Section 2 of the MSS (Ministry of State Security).

I do know there was pressure applied  by Xi Pin on the WHO to say it came from somewhere else.

I would also not believe any numbers coming out of China. I have had too many years of dealing with them and their "Business Practices".  If they want you dead it will happen

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So long as people are not completely stupid and think to themselves, "Well, it started in China, so therefore all Chinese or Asian people are despicably responsible for its spread, so we should treat all Asians badly," then you're OK. 

Decide that the origin of ANYTHING is a legitimate reason to "blame" or castigate or discriminate against those who have any ties to that country of origin, etc., and you're just plain stupid.

If your father were a rapist and a serial murderer, and your mother worked as a prostitute and drug dealer, does that mean YOU are those things? Of course not. You should be judged on your own merits, not blamed for their lack of merit.

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Faulty logic, however I do understand where you are coming from.  Did like how yuou really did not answer the question


The logic, simply put, is don't blame *everyone* for something that is obviously not their individual fault.  Example:  Internment of Japanese Americans and the discrimination against people with German backgrounds during WWII.  Current attacks on Asian Americans, calling them "Covid" and screaming "Go back where you came from!"  Trump's attacks of American citizens serving in Congress in which he told four of them to "go back to the countries they came from."  (Ooops... only one of the four was not born in the United States--all four are citizens.)  Etc.  This is hardly "faulty logic."  It's just plain stupid of those who carry out such actions and who hold such biases.  Is it my *opinion* these idiots are stupid?  Yes. But not faulty opinion.  You can disagree, but it's not faulty logic.

As for answering the question, "Where did Covid-19 come from?"...   Common knowledge answer from majority of scientists say it came from China, in or near Wuhan, China, possibly inside a wet market.  Some theorize it was being examined in a lab near Wuhan and some strain of it "escaped" or leaked out in some way.  Very  VERY few buy into the conspiracy theory that it was developed there and was intentionally leaked into the population to assist a global cabal in dominating the world.  I would say those people have the wheel turning, but the hamster is dead.

As to why it affects the elderly so quickly, I think that's a better question for epidemiologists, not the common folk here at Answerology Reloaded.  :-)

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The REASON the origin of a worldwide pandemic is important.

To investigate the when,why and how of it’s cause.

Obviously the world has an interest in analyzing the data so as to not have this happen again.

If it is improper lab protocol it is imperative to correct that situation. If as  suspected it comes from a dictatorship such as China there will be no international investigation allowed.

Obviously China had done little to prevent infected citizens from traveling abroad. This was not an accident as China has a firm grip on it’s citizens when it wants to.

So I guess the world should just say ~~ meh~~ nothing to see here and just move on?

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Lady you get a star.  What I really do like is no one has addressed why several villages around Wuhan have gone dark.

Why have the street lights etc been off for over a year?  That tells me a lot about Chinese disease control methods if you follow my drift

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