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Of all the things to be against you would think solar power would be low on the scale.  

Give me the pros and cons of solar power.  

If anyone says it drains the sun I might have to give you a jerk award  ;) 

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4 Answers

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Donald Trump prefers clean coal. And everyone agrees.

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My Dad has just moved into a 1 bedroom flat that has solar panels. So that electricity gets fed back to the grid and my dad gets a lump sum refund every year.

Because he is 89, the power companies have my name as a contact, so I was teasing him that the big fat refund cheque will come in my name. Do you know? When you get to 60 and you hear your father curse for the first time!!!! 

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Generally, they can be a blight on the landscape.  Big solar arrays covering the ground.  In germany, the farmers ha e found it is more profitable to farm the sun than to farm the land so you see fields of panels.  I like them on rooftops, but I have been resisting putting them out in the front yard. 

But, they do generate a lot of power.  Which can be fed into the grid when they don't want and then the grid can supply energy to me at night when I do want it.  Ok, if I had a bank of batteries and an inverter, I could be completely self sufficient, but that costs more.  Current regulations her require the power company to buy power from me at the same rate that they sell it to me.

Solar panels break.  Generally they are made of glass.  Or blow away.  And age.  So solar power is probably not as permanent as coal fired power plants.  They also get dirty.  Some maintenance required.

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My only concern would be if the US is advantaging China by the purchase of Chinese solar panels.  Some US companies get their panels from China. some US companies build their own. China seems to take advantage of us at every turn, this somehow would not surprise me.

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