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I love horror.  Not gore...hate that stuff...but---things like The Exorcism of Emily Rose and such things....

It's hard to pick one...My favorite horror film I believe has been....  Split  ...maybe....maybe not...

The Conjuring , The Shining, Paranormal Activity, Happy Death Day......also are good....

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8 Answers

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Angel Heart and Dark City. Both excellent.

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I have never seen Dark City.  :o

+2 votes

The Exorcist....

The book was even more terrifying when read late at night....alone!

by (779,440 points)

the only way to properly do horror. for sure!!!..  I like to go downstairs and turn the lights off and watch my movies...  love it!!  my husband hates horror anything...  not his thing.....


And when you truly believe in the Devil, as I do it makes it even more spectacular!


+1 vote

"THE THING" ( 1951)

by (31,110 points)

I need to see that one...  

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“The Haunting” - the original 1960-something black and white film with Julie Harris and Claire Bloom. It scared the shit out of me when I was 10 and it scared the shit out of me again when I watched it 40+ years later. 

Honorable mention to “The Others” with Nicole Kidman. That movie made me sleep with the lights on for a week. 

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yes!!...have you seen all the paranormal series on tv's nuts...  

+1 vote


I am not really into horror.  But I can look at Sigourney Weaver naked all day.  Lol.

by (1,524,050 points)
+1 I would expect...  ;)

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Gore doesn't scare me either. To me, The Exorcist was probably the scariest I've ever seen. I was so nervous afterward I nearly tripped on the steps of the theater leading out. I later learned it was based on a true story, so that was even more frightening to me. 

The Blair Witch Project gave me nightmares. Not seeing who was causing all the horrid events just frightened me. 

  The Witch on Prime Video was so scary I couldn't watch the ending. 

   Also The Others, with Nicole Kidman, was very spooky. 

by (1,035,590 points)

Yes--I just do not like me...that is not horror.....  

The Witch was a crazy waste of time ....LOL  My sister(who also loves horror) and I went to the theatre to see it and were just stunned...When it ended...we just looked at each other and huh?  That's's over?...  :D

Based on true story ones make my chuckle..'.based on'  leaves sooo much room for know?


The Witch, from what I saw, was very frightening to me. It must have been the witch's cackling that got to me. 

   Funny how things that scare some people don't scare others. The Ring was not scary to me, but Blair Witch did. A friend of mine said The Ring was soooo scary, but I didn't think anything of it. The Conjuring-- same thing.  And that was based on true events. 

   The Exorcist's story changed to prevent anyone from knowing who the parent was.  It was a male instead of a female, with a famous father. A friend of mine I grew up with, says a girl at her stay away camp became possessed. This friend wouldn't see that film for that reason. 

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Not necessarily 'the best' but one my favorite is THE BIRDS. A natural horror-thriller. 

Produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock! 

by (3,970 points)



I forgot about the birds.  That was good.  Made me afraid of big bunches of birds for a long time.  I was just a kid when I saw it.


I remember that! That and Psycho were both great ones. 

+1 vote

I would have to go with Psycho, The Birds, and Get Out!

by (809,340 points)

Get Out frightened me too!! 

   Did you ever see Us? By the same director, very creepy. 


No, I haven't seen it.


Good one. It will both confuse and frighten you until the end. 

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