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I'm country.    I grew up out in the sticks and still prefer it there.  

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I’m a city girl all the way. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, which was like living in the city.  I now live in the middle of Phoenix, on one of the busiest corners in the city. Everything is close to me -  downtown Phoenix with its shopping, restaurants, museums, theaters and concerts, is a ten minute drive from my condo. 

If I lived in the country, I’d be in a straight-jacket from boredom in 2 weeks. 

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I  lived in the city when I was little. I remember fire trucks whizzing by responding with alarms blaring!!!!  We traveled by city bus daily and I straight up hated it. My mother would laugh when I said “I hate THIS” as that is all I knew.


The Countryside was beautiful... Open scenery, gorgeous sunsets, sunrises, full silver moon lighting the hills and lone country road. The color of green corn plants standing so majestically. The dragonflies dancing on my grandfathers pond. The seasonal visits brought different sight sounds and smells. Stepping out on the porch and smelling his neighbors coffee, bacon cooking.

I later moved midway from age 7 until now. I really think a permanent country existence might be a bit too isolated for me now as I need to be closer to medical facilities.

When I lived in Utah, I lived on a bench location aside of the Wasatch Mt. Gorgeous scenery for sure with scrub oak surrounding us.

Now my home faces a cul de sac  toward the front and 50 acre field out back. Deer, all North American mammals and 22 varieties of birds. So now I kinda have both.

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Grew up on a working Ranch outside of Yellowstone, so I have good Country Roots

Lived in Cities found a lot to like.

Dispose  a Suburban Lifestyle anywhere.  If I ever had to live in NYC again I would kill myself I believe.

Thant said I can live almost anywhere prefer deep country or a small city like Vienna or Minneapolis. Paris, Madrid, or  Prague are not bad places to live

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I guess suburban

Somewhere in the middle

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