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Did you sleep aboard?

I traveled to Virginia Beach with my mother and cousin when I was young.

The dining car was quite nice and formal with white linens!

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Regular travel when not flying is by train.

1. Standard Vienna to Prague, Vienna to Budapest, Vienna to Salzburg or Münich.

2. Switzerland, allover cannot think a an A to B and return I have not done.  When I worked out of Zurich always used my Swiss Rail Pass.  Do note did let my lease go on my 80 meter Apartment in Oerlikon, cheaper than a Hotel. 

Best always was Zurich to Milan for a long weekend.  Second best Zurich to Geneva or Nuremburg.

3.  France standard trip Paris to London via the Chunnel.  Faocorite weekend trips Paris to Brittany, Paris to Lyon, Paris to anywhere in the Occitane.

4.  Occasionally take the train from Bangkok to Chaing Mai or to Hu Han

5, Traveled extensively across Germany, Czech Republic and Poland by train.

6.  Standard US Train route, NYC to DC or Boston

7.  Japan once I land I always take the Bullet trains everywhere.  Not a bad route

I would say yes I have traveled by train

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Not outside the commuter rail or the subway-in which case I've been on trains in Boston, DC, London, and Rome. I had a trip to DC planned last year as a late birthday gift to myself and then the pandemic started so we had to cancel. We were going to take the train up overnight because it was cheaper to park at the station than it would have been to find overnight parking in DC. 

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I travelled from Scotland to Italy by train except the Channel of course as this was way before the chunnel.

I was 17 years of age and went to work as an au pair.  On tge way there I didnt have a sleeper but did when I came back.

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I took the train to Edinburgh once, first class no less. I also fell asleep on one and over ran my stop by about 120 miles, ended up in London with only enough money to get a coach back home. That was fun.

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Now we know how to help your insomnia!

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Yes! I would often travel by train to the Adirondacks/Lake Placid, and to New York City!

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I have taken the train often.  Even in the US.  My father worked for the Milwaukee railroad, now defunct, and could get free passes.  The family went from Butte MT to Seattle once.

Then later, probably in the 90s, some friends and I, went from Salt Lake City to almost Denver to ski.  The train was late leaving SLC and really late getting into the ski resort.  13 hours on the train one way.  What we saved in airfare, we spent on booze.  We took the same train back, but knew what to expect.

But I have made several train trips in Europe.  Glasgow to Inverness.  Venice to Munich Germany.  Munich to frankfurt Germany and reverse a number of times.  I no longer take the cheap train that stops at every village, but take the Inter City Express, ICE.  Reserved seats, air conditioned, free wi fi, food car.  Very fast and reasonably priced.

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I can’t believe the US hasn’t developed hi-speed rail connecting the 2 coasts! We paved thousands of miles of new interstate highways in the 60’s then  infrastructure fell flat. Bridges many near a hundred years old need updating!

What is the obstacle in the US?

How fast does the Japan rail go? The Asians would seem to need to move that large populace around efficiently and effectively.

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You and me both.  The EU is not as good as Japan


On this we all agree! I’m still trying to figure out why there is no high-speed rail between Phoenix and Tucson. The idiots in charge have been kicking the idea around for years, but have never done it. 


The obstacle to high speed rail in the US is the republican party.  They don't want to spend any money.  They will spend money on military hardware but not on anything else.  


I concur completely. 

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When my brother was drafted, we visited him in South Carolina by train. It was not very pleasant as there was no air conditioning on trains then. 

In Spain we took a train from Madrid to the north. I can't recall if we stopped somewhere near Bilboa or somewhere just before it to take a bus there, but the bus ride was awesome. My girls just marveled at the height of those mountains.  

  I've taken regular trains ( the tube??) around London. Very clean compared to the NYC subways. 

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I have not ridden the NYC subway.  But most subways seem pretty clean.  I rode the DC subway a few years ago quite a bit.  A little confusing to start, but was clean enough.  Tokyo was very clean considering the crowds and very confusing, but all you really need to know is that you can pay when you get off, so you don't need to understand the confusing prices.  Munich subway is very nice.  Just getting new cars when I was last there a few years ago. 


The London subway was easy to understand, the maps that is. Didn't get lost once. 

   I think any subway beats the NYC ones. I took them in my first year of college commuting from NJ. But after a year of that I got tired and went to school in Jersey. The subway is too scary for me now. I once witnessed 2 people talking to the same car! 

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