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Comment on Facebook that I'd rather vote for ISIS than Alex Salmond.

I might be a while digging my way back to the surface 

Jeezo Scots are really sensitive when it comes to their preferred candidate.

It was good fun though, I think there were a few strokes and pissing in their knickers.

L.M. F H.O 

The best laugh was when I asked in what constituency ISIS were standing..

I'm going back in, if you don't hear from me again I've died a FB death.

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3 Answers

+2 votes

Trouble maker.

by (4,001,011 points)
+2 votes

So he’s starting a new party, eh?

Like so many politicians he thinks he is Golden now?

How will the Scots ladies warm up to him?

by (779,440 points)

I’ll pay your fb bail!  ; - )))

+2 votes

Lol! Nothing like smacking a hornet’s nest with a big stick to stir up some excitement. Be careful out there! 

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