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Did you even come close?


My one and only ambition was to be an awesome mother and housewife. As an only child I spent many lonely afternoons, so I wanted 2 children close together. I loved cooking, cleaning and nurturing.

However my ovaries had other plans after several miscarriages the last at 6 1/2 months nearly taking my life childbearing was not an option. My then husband nixed adoption.

After many different odd jobs I began my career in retail management. I did very well and moved up quickly primarily because I did not have children and could work long long hours and on short notice.

It paid better than if I had finished my college degree and  gone in that direction.

Satisfying? Initially yes. But I didn’t  feel I made a long term difference in the scheme of things.

A lifetime is a terrible thing to waste!

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A veterinarian.  I became an, but no cigar.  :D


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The first woman president.  I actually got voted “Most likely to become the first woman president” by my peers in an eighth grade school project. 

When I got a little older and saw how ugly and barbaric the real world of politics is, I decided public service wasn’t  for me. 

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I just wanted any job so I can buy shit I don't really need.

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Lol! Modern life isn’t all that complex, is it? 

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About the first thing that I can remember was geology.  I used to collect rocks and geology seemed natural.  My parents encouraged me by buying a beginning rock identification kit.  But you have to be too smart to do rocks.  You have to remember too much.  I have a pretty poor memory.

So by the fifth or sixth grade I got interested in cars.  Mechanical things.  I built a powered cart, like a go cart, of my own design, and did automotive work on my brothers car.  By high school I helped my neighbor rebuild his austin healey. But I was sort of put off by the grease and oil.  

At this point I thought electronics might be good.  I attempted several kits.  But it turns out that I don't solder very well.  I did a stint after high school as a surveyer.  Good outdoor job.  But you have to be outside in all weather.  Civil engineers do surveying.  

Eventually, I was drafted and spent 3 fun filled years working for uncle sam.  After that it became time to do something.  My father was a machinist, and he could have gotten me an apprenticeship, but they had an age limit and I was too old.  I qualified for the GI Bill so I decided to go to college.  Math was pretty easy for me, physics not impossible, so I took electronic engineering.  In electronics they let you use books.  You don't have to memorize everything.

The only similarity to my original desire and how I ended up was I had a college degree.

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No, I didn't become what I wanted to. My ambitions changed a bit. From actress in my younger teens, to geologist ( like Well one I was into rocks and collected them. I was also into astronomy. ) Then it was clinical/ child psychologist in college, which after a year and a half, I couldn't deal with the topic anymore, so I switched over to helping children another way, through special education. I'm not sorry I switched. 

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Awesome. I didn’t know you were in Spec Ed. If I did I forgot. Must be super satisfying.


I retired in 2018 after 32 yrs. Yes, I miss it, but not the last 2:years. Principal was mean spirited and unfair, vengeful type. 

   My sister is a psychotherapist, and from the stories she tells me about being attacked by patients, makes me fear for her and glad I didn't go that route. 


It’s so unfair when dedicated people are trying to do their best job and some power hungry person in position of authority must be an arse.

I lived that myself the 2 yrs before my severance. Not fun at all!


She was not very pleasant, and many people in the building left because of her, including other personnel, like directors  and supervisors, including mine. I think about 2 or 3 teachers that I know of in the whole building liked her. 

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