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No point in saying anymore

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I don't give a damn if he is a "suspected" gang member or there was an arrest warrant for carrying without license OR those who will bring up an aggravated robbery charge from 2019 that got dismissed, to my knowledge. There was NO reason for this young person to be shot. NONE. Anybody who has had any kind of weapons training, regardless of profession,, knows the pistol is on the strong side and Taser on the weak side. She had every intent to shoot him. 

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They will use every excuse in the book. Why wouldn't they. If they can get away with it.


This is beyond redundant...


I agree the young man’s life should not have been taken. It’s odd that she was a 26 yr veteran of the dept and didn’t supposedly intentionally murder a black person until now.

Logic suggests the placement of taser and gun should not be mistaken for one another.

The only possibility is the muscle memory of drawing by the dominant hand.

Still no excuse.

This isn’t the only time this has happened in this police department.

The last time I was stopped by the police. The police man walked  up with a flash light and requested my drivers license. When I bent forward to pick up my purse from the floor of the car, he screamed “keep your hands where I can see them! “ I told him either I needed to retrieve my purse from the floor of the car or he could. He said “Coming in from the bar tonight?”Being  4:00 am that would be a helluva late last call. I was working  a 5:30 pm to 4 am shirt in a carpentry shop. Talk about PTSD! He eventually let me retrieve my purse and license as I opened the purse wide so he could see as I pulled my wallet from my purse.

With cops being this flinchy why push ones luck?

They scare the shit outta me. And I can’t imagine not complying or giving them a reason to pull their weapon whether they use it or not! and I sure as s**t wouldn’t want to be tased!


I wouldn't expect those making excuses to admit it. Critical thinking.


Fact of the matter is, your police stop goes completely different than mine would. I would have a gun on me from the officer on the window and the support partner on the passenger side. Then proof exists that a Black man can comply and still subject to DIE. The experience is NOT the same.


It's a classic unhelpful response to any problem. "I've got it just as bad."


Your still talking so my guess is.... you didn’t die!

Next time do something really stupid and you can prove your point! That those racist white cops wanted you dead so bad they could taste it!

Maybe fire at the cops before they get to either window!

That’ll work!


You comparing your experience as a White woman with the police to mine as a Black man is laughable. Until you get the shit kicked out of you for walking down the streets with your hands in your pocket or them calling you a "nigger" with cold steel barrel of a 9 mm on the back of your head during a traffic stop, you can't tell me shit about it because you just don't know. We come from two very different worlds, so save it for somebody that doesn't know any better.


So these are regularly your experiences with cops? All cops black and white?

Did you report the officers?

Did you mention you’re in SVI?

Jus’ curious 


Black cops, no. They usually are from the areas they patrol or at least within city limits. I didn't get problems from them at all.

White cops, yes it was. Enough of them are usually only working in the city to get some years under their belt as a resume builder to transfer out to the suburbs and make much more money.

I reported the incident(s), yet nothing happened with the complaint at all. 

Me (formerly) working at SVU has nothing to do with my experiences with LE in the past.

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We need to start calling black people “fetuses” and conservatives will start tripping over their own feet to protect them. 

by (2,434,850 points)
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Time to.put on the news. (´;︵;`)

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"Failure to Comply" or "resisting arrest" are misdemeanors and do not come with a punishment of death. The police officers job is to bring people in who they believe committed a crime. They do not get to decide who is guilty. They are not judge, jury, and executoner. They don't know how to do their jobs. They'd be fired in any other line of work. 

Murdering people for misdemeanors is not in the job description. 

According to the police chief it was accidental  

Cop grabberd actual gun instead of the taser. 

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Don't worry, I'm guessing they've got at least 20 lame excuses waiting and ready to go.

by (4,001,011 points)
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I don't think they realize those are someones child.

Now another mother will have to bury her child

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Unless you believe these cops get up in the morning with the idea a murdering a black man something else is going on.

#1. They will face immediate suspension and likely termination.

#2. This will be followed by death threats to them and their whole family 

#3. They will immediately have to move. Yeah a quick internet search and their address will be revealed. 

#4. There is something seriously wrong with the hiring process. Either perspective candidates are not properly screened through psychological testing and training is poor or incomplete.

#5 Minneapolis in the case of Chauvin and others had multiple issues yet had not been let go? A weak police chief or too strong a police union?

#6 The footage shows female cop yelling “Imma tase you” multiple times while shooting the victim!

#7. So in each case the cop makes a fatal error in judgement as does the victim. Two wrongs make a death.

#8. True cops aren’t judge and jury but at the same time these victims would all be alive if they had complied and not resisted arrest. This is just plain fact!  

#9 Jumping back into your car to flee or grab a weapon in not advisable. Somehow society seem to suggest that black men either can’t grasp this idea or aren’t responsible if they do, hence the rioting.

#10 American media are more than happy to reinforce racial strife.

#11 Shake & repeat

by (779,540 points)

Just sounds like 11 excuses. In the real world no matter how many excuses you want to make another death is not going to go down well.


Lady you are so right. The press wants to stir up another firestorm  for whatever reason. I believe it is to stir up more unrest.

Read my post


Not excuses.  Recognizable patterns of repeated behavior. If the patterns don’t change the outcome unfortunately will remain constant.

I just observe the obvious.

There appears to be no change of behavior by either the cops or victims, hence the outcome will likely be the same.


I doubt the family of the dead or anyone else is going to be thinking recognizable patterns of repeated behavior.


Actually the family of the dead man. Is calling for peace. Which actually makes sense. Burning and or tearing down 1/2 of Minneapolis accomplishes nothing. It brings about no social justice nor brings back the life of the young man.

I have no expectations for anyone to analyze the situation except for our media. The media are supposed to do investigative reporting. Instead they exploit the racial card only.

Our media seem as a group to follow an ideology rather than investigation. At that point it becomes propaganda regardless of which ideology it promotes.

At that point one must ask if all investigations have stopped and propaganda replaced it... to what end and to whose benefit?

Its called critical thinking and not falling hook line and sinker for media’s reporting.


I have one word for you. Spin.


And there we have it, the right wing have spoken. Let's blame the victim  and sympathise with the murderer. 


Lady white men have been killing black men for 400 years, and white men have been making excuses for it since.

You say looting and destruction doesn't bring social justice. What will because views like yours hasn't worked in the previous 400 years.


Belle what you say is true.

But you disregard the fact that initially it was the Black men who sold their own men and women into slavery.

It is the black men who are gunning down other black men women and children in Chicago by the hundreds year after year. Regardless of which party is in office.

And where these “killer cops” are primarily are in Democrat  controlled cities, states with Black mayors or Black police chiefs.

Many of the “problems” areas regarding  race have a majority of minority cops. Meaning black or brown.

The last five years in particular police have killed more white people than black. You certainly won’t hear that on CNN, MSNBC, etc. it 

Wanna know another horrifying fact! Margaret Sanger ( activist ) was an avowed racist and eugenist. She is the Mother of abortion! Wanna know her famous quote? Quality over quantity! So the abortion clinics ( Planned Parenthood ) were planned in or near the Black community where many are still today! One of the largest causes of death amongst people of color is abortion. Funny how they scrub that from the list isn’t it?

Of course our Political candidates know these facts and yet nearly every weekend scores of black youth are murdered in Chicago and not by white men. It is inconceivable to me that this is allowed to happen!  Again it happens because  they are not of any value nor would poor white people be either.

You can darn bet ya if  gun fire broke out in Nancy Pelosi’s, Barack Obama, Donald Tump or George Bush’s neighborhood it would be nipped in the bud post haste.

The inappropriate death by cop scenario hasn’t been solved for black or white civilians because the same problem governors, congressmen,mayors , city managers and AG’s are in power doing nothing.

You wonder about Minnesota?  Check out Amy Klobuchar and Keith Ellison.  

Here’s an interesting boondoggle. Cop immunity.

Now there’s a societal double edge sword if there ever was one. If they have immunity they have some protection from civil suit/ if not the cops are going to stand back and not get involved risk taking.

So Belle it not all about murderous white men looking to target black folks.

I suppose if I had a black child/husband it would be very difficult to try to remain logical and look for facts.

You are entitled to your opinion but not your own facts. Do a deep dive and don’t fall for the BBC and CNN hype and BS.

It isn’t a pretty picture either way!

It’s not a race issue it’s a class issue!


Statistics can be manipulated to make them say what you want. Another fact.


Black on black crime is a beard. Black lawyers aren't out killing, Black doctors don't kill in the middle of the night. Black University student don't. So there has to be a reason, poverty, lack of opportunity, lack of decent funding in schools, lack of a male role model because Black men are more likely to end up in prison leaving mothers to raise their kids alone.

These problems exist here too, not so much the shooting but the killing.

Here's the rub, white men have been running things forever. Trump got escalated to high heights because he said the right words to white people who believed they were losing their privalage. Here we haven't had a decent government to even bother to discuss the situation and a string of Home Secretary's who seem to be playing a game of deportation bingo.

We need to take the money out of politics, we need to ban lobbying and stop our law makers being large corporation puppets.

If we were actually led by people who aren't in it for what they can get we would all be better off.

That's why I support Independence from the Westminster government and the chance to build a government more in touch with the people. 


You just made my point. George Soros is alive and well and is not a good influence in American politics.

 But the US has been been involved in Israel politics and so on. So no ones hands are clean.

When news organizations ignore *inconvenient truths* it makes me wonder what their agenda is.

Typically it is the benefit of  whatever their ideology is.

Case in point CNN reporter standing in front of Minnesota burning and declaring it a mostly peaceful protest.

I have never exclusively *blamed* the victim. But you seem to think I am making excuses for the cops. I am not but it is a lot deeper problem than cops/ apprehensions and black/vs white.

Both of our media hype this narrative for eyeballs and clicks. Never let a crisis go to waste. That is why local and cable news don’t do primarily feel good stories. People thrive on controversy and hate. It seems to be in the human dna? Some folks can’t seem let it go and instead use a broad racial brush to paint society.


Yes but it only takes one person to burn down a building where scores of people are peaceful.

There are demonstrations in England right now protesting the Tory government's new law that will outlaw peaceful protesting. You can't make it up.

I fully appreciate that people reading my stuff might think I'm anti US and ignoring problems on my doorstep but that's not true, the majority on here are American and political topics are US heavy.


KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid.


The media seem to be a bit of an easy target.


The white middle class elected Donald Trump because their jobs were fleeing overseas. Most middle and lower class kids ( black, white and brown) can’t afford college and don’t have the grades for a scholarship. NAFTA didn’t help. Their lifeblood of employment is typically blue color industry.

 I in particular have seen car manufacturing, home appliance, television manufacturing and paper companies in particular leave the tri-state, leaving shuttered abandoned factories in its place.

Again the middle and lower class weren’t a priority to the political class regardless of their moving inspirational speeches. One true fact is your need an active and employed population to tax for ones pet political projects. Between the hemorrhaging of jobs and Covid the criminal element while not likely slow down.  Hustling narcotics, stolen goods and pimping prostitutes have filled the void.

One thing we both agree on as long as our politicians can get filthy rich with little done for the public good these problems will continue and likely get worse. The Middle and lower class totally written off in the process. If you read my post abt the US being a warring nation again it is the middle and lower class youths fighting those battles typically not the Ivy League on the front lines. Again a class that is more expendable!


Only if they don’t do their job which is to investigate. Journalists are supposed to try to remain somewhat objectives. But more and more they are opinionated. There is room for both just don’t blur the lines is all I am saying.


Tge Class status was ended in tge UK after ww2 really, we don't use those descriptors anymore, that's why I get confused as you all seem yo have an upper middle class, middle class and lower class.  I think that in itself is prejudice. 

As Blue always says its all relevant 


What percentage of BBC News is bad?


The  ruling class ( politician)  are who discriminate against the lower middle and lower class regardless of their race Minneapolis,Chicago and DC have been ruled by black mayors. All the while they have  ignore the rampant crime,rioting and mayhem going on in their communities.

This shows power black or white trumps societal class.

If you are rich you get off black or white. Poor and you get charged with steeper crimes and you get a public defender and hence do more time. Hence why so many black brown and poor whites are in prison and for longer they because they can’t afford a good defense team.

Money makes the world go around. That’s why so many rich avoid doing serious time for crimes poor people languish in prison the media just won’t tell that story.... it’s race all day long month in and month out! Or Reps vs Dems when in fact it’s all of them.

No one is interested in tackling the  serious drug problem in this country. Nothing to see here! Addiction is becoming more and more a problem and yet the  US legalizes more and more drugs yet cracks down on people who are in chronic pain? There’s a story no one is going to report! Ever wonder why that is?

+1 vote

As the Minneapolis has gentrified the Black community moved up to Brooklyn Center from the near North Side bringing the inner city problems with them.  The near North Side was the roughest part of the Twin Cities, gang members from Chicago & Gary came. to "Moneyapolis".  These gangs included the Crips, Bloods and Rolling 88's.  I 94 between Chicago and Minneapolis was known as the drug Highway.

The Brooklyn Center  retailing which was once vibrant died and moved on because of the community the financial loss and the physical danger. As crime went up the Blue Collar, White Black and Hispanic moved further away.

A good friend who is mixed race brought a house just in the next city over on the border.  Every night from her porch sh can here gunfire.  This women also took self defense classes and is a Concealed Carry Holder and has had to use her weapon.  She will be selling her house a t a loss to get her and her mother away from ther

So let's take a look at this situation in this currently dangerous community.

1. This kid was wanted on a warrant for skipping bail on a firearms Charge

2. Unlike the major news reports the kid was pulled over for expired license Tabs.  On running his tabs the felony warrant popped up

3.  The kid ran, the cop pulled her gun accidentally, not her taser. Body cam and dash cam confirm same

4.  The kid is a suspected gang member

Tragic situation, however there is more to every story beyond the Hype from the Press.  The Press in my opinion is causing more problems than they are solving

by (2,884,340 points)

agree....the press is out of hand


If one promotes “victim hood of the black race” these facts get in the way of their conspiracy theory.

This time there was was body cam footage.

Hype gets more clicks than facts.


lol Black people can't own and drive an expensive car because the, I'm just doing my job police assume they've stole it and the dude gets repeatedly pulled over.


I know you to be a lot of things arch,, now I know you as a racist. 

The cops had no idea who he was when they pulled him, he was just a black kid in a nice car. Driving while black is a fatal disease in the  US, as well as walking, riding a bike, selling cigs, sleeping in your own bed, all fatal exercise if you're black.

The officer mistook her weapon for a taser and shot him by accident, what a crock of shit, anyone, including yourself apparently, who has ever used a firearm knows you carry the  firearm on your dominant side, the left handed or right handed know exactly where their firearm is. 

As for your opening statement, you're actually admitting that white folk in the US see themselves as the gentry and Black people as inferior and blame them for all ills. Shame on you. 


GB  your bigotry and bias is showing in all its' glorious colors. 

1. I do love how when you can't win an argument you shout very  loudly "Racist" or other epitaph to stop a point of view you cannot accept or respect.  That is bigoted, so think on that.

2. There two Black Communities in the Twin Cities; Ghetto and other.  The Ghetto comes primarily out of Chicago and Gary.  Brooklyn Center is Near North & Gary/Chicago.  The other is middle and Upper crust from the Rondo in St.Paul or Golden Valley in Minneapolis.

Know your fact before you speak GBH, never make an assumptions or jump to wild ass assumptions.

PS, I do have deep ties to the Twin Cities

3. The Black Victim Culture is based out of George Washington Carver, WEB Dubois is the other side.  My friends, Softball Teammates and good friends are WEB Dubois. 

GB  do your research and look up Roy Wilkins

4.  I learned early on never stand behind a mule or argue with an idiot so I will stop typing.  You are beyond barking mad.


Deflection is an admission. I see you Archer, I know who you are. 


Now what have I deflected GB?  Nothing I am challenging, please refute or stand down.

What other bias do you have , and you are the epitome of the cancel culture.  You seek not to build Bridges, you seek to build divides..  You seek to shout down, not to seek understaqnding.

You are showing a lot of your isolated nature.  I do feel sorry for you, I also feel sorry for the losses you have over the last years


 You're sympathy is misplaced arch it's also insincere. 

 You'll agree with me that this isn't the only social media site you participate in,. I'm not sure if you are aware that the majority of people on here know that but many have identified your bio on here doesn't match those other sites .

It's also noted that you oscillate between supporting right wing members and left wing  contributors depending on which ethanol is available.

I don't feel sorry for you, not for one second, I will always know you, I will always respect your right to your opinion, I will often challenge it


GB What a bigot and a member of the cancel culture I strongly suspect.  It is OK by me, now I will call you out on that whgich I feel is wrong or just plain mean

You have shouted down and out of this site many a good contributor.  I do wonder how you can sleep in your skin.

I am a centrist which is that which you despise.  IO do see the good and bad on both sides of the aisle.


Be for real here.... does any of the aforementioned justify another dead UNARMED Black male at the hands of the police??  Maybe y'all forgot exanples such as Philandro Castile, who complied and was still shot and killed... in Minneapolis. Don't pass me that "comply and stay alive" bullshit, save it for the panhandling crowd. 


I'm guessing a lot of black people resist arrest because they don't trust the police and I don't blame them. I also see some people saying they ran. I'm guessing there are plenty of cases where they didn't run, complied and ended up dead. Some people talk like they deserved to die.


I will always, how did you put it, shout down and out any firm of racism and bigotry regardless of who is spouting it. 

In fact, everyone should stamp it out the moment it rears its ugly head. 

Your remarks were racist, full stop. You deserve to be challenged on them. 

Note how you didn't defend your remarks but attacked me, like all the other fanny's that posted crap and ran away crying because they didn't have the courage of their convictions.


Being a gang member has no meaning when he is shot for doing nothing but trying to resist. People who try to resist should NOT be shot.  Neither does having expired license plates.   Also, a gun. WEIGHS much more than a taser, is carried on a different holster so surely this officer did not know what she was doing, and has rightfully resigned. 

+3 votes

I'd like tp point out something to those people who say that those being targeted by police officers should remain quiet and just do as they say. For your information, many of these Black males and females do just that, and are still killed. So this goes to Archer, and the rest of you who agree with him on those thoughts. 

Here is a link to show you the names of many who died and what they were doing at the times they were killed. After this link, I posted some examples that sound familiar because I remember hearing about the cases on the news. There are too many lives lost to police brutality and stupidity, and I don't think they are trained as well as we would like them to be.

 - A 28 year old Black male (Micheal Brown) walking with a friend confronted by poicemen for apparently no reason. A scuffle ensued and Brown was shot. 

A Black male (Akai Gurley), 28, coming down the stairs in the building he lived in, shot by police 

-A 12 year old (Tamir Rice) playing with a toy gun at a park, shot in front of his 14 year old sister.

-A 28 year old woman (Attiana Jefferson) shot in her own home through a window by a police officer, who had been called when someone in the neighborhood said the woman's door was open. The shooting was witnessed by her nephew. 

-A 22 year old (Stephon Clark) standing in his grandmother's backyard, shot by police 20 times. They thought he was holding a gun--which turned out to be his own cell phone. 

-A 26 year old (Botham Jean) seated on his sofa at home, eating ice cream. A police officer mistook the man's apartment for her own and shot him.

-A 32 year old (Philando Castille)  stopped for at a traffic stop and shot. He told police he had a gun in his glove compartment, but not in his hand, and was shot in front of his girlfriend. 

-A 37 year old (Altron Sterling) outside a shop, tasered and pinned to the ground for no reason. Cameras show the officer repeatedly calling him a "stupid MF"  after shooting him. 

-A 43 year old male (Eric Garner) selling loose cigarettes put into a chokehold for 11 minutes, while he cried ourt that he couldn't breathe. 

And these well known names: 

  Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Aura Rosser, Freddy Gray, Tanisha Anderson. 

   Many of those police officers have been fired. 


by (1,035,590 points)

If you don't trust the police and think you might end up dead, do you run or comply? Just comply is excuse #1.


Horrible isn’t it!

Yet our liberal media will play the race card for all it’s worth!

And yet.....

How many know the names of the beautiful black children shot dead in their homes by drive us? Many many under 5 yrs old! Ever hear an in depth story about these children? 

Not likely! Doesn’t fit the white cop/ black man narrative!

Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

Can they not do both kinds of stories?

Do you have a list of those names?


Somebody doesn't like being wrong.


Don't blame the "liberal" media here. Crime has no party affiliation, and your pointing it out and trying to put the blame on it is ridiculous and frankly stupid.  How dare you start on political BS. I'm sure if you were African American and had a son, you'd be singing a different tune. 


The BBC has received a record amount of complaints about it's coverage of Prince Philip's passing. Which they have responded to. So much for hook, line and sinker. The narrative excuse is getting old.

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