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I've been following and like Concert Tour, Bob Baffert horse. I feel as though Joel Rosario had a strangle hold on him and didn't let him run in the Arkansas Derby. Concert Tour is a Front Runner and he didn't let him go from the start. If you watch the video replay you can see this by comparing to other jockey's. 

Essential Quality too, is another horse I've been following for more obvious reasons. He is currently chalk. 

Concert Tour, and Essential Quality are my top two if picking today. I'll stop there even though I could make a case for many more. All for fun, right Blue Jay!

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Right JSC ! You picked two great contenders!

Thanks for the answer!


Concert Tour is out of the Derby and pointed toward the Preakness.

Rosario gets the mount on Rock Your World.


No doubt, We'll probably here of more changes going forward.

S :)

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UPDATE: 4/25/2021 Kentucky Derby contenders, odds

 Essential Quality 5-2 **

 Hot Rod Charlie 6-1 **

 Medina Spirit 8-1 *

 Rock Your World 8-1 **

 Known Agenda 12-1 *

 Highly Motivated 15-1 **

 Mandaloun 15-1 

 Midnight Bourbon 15-1 

 Super Stock 20-1 

 Bourbonic 30-1 

 Caddo River 30-1 * OUT OF DERBY

 Dynamic One 30-1 

 Soup and Sandwich 30-1 *

 Helium 50-1 

 Hidden Stash 50-1 

 Like the King 50-1 *    

 Sainthood 50-1

* My Interests but that could change
** Very interested 


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Hi SandyGirl !

Caddo River is in!

He earned 40 points with a second place finish in The Arkansas Derby and has 50 points.

Earning more money then the other 50 pointers puts him #13 among the top 20 !


Yes! You are correct Blue Jay! Caddo River is newly in I see. Apparently, I apparently overlooked the fact that he made it in the final furlong in the Arkansas Derby to finish as the runner up. Not like me, lol. Definitely that effort earned him a guaranteed spot in the Kentucky derby. 

Thank you for the correction Blue Jay! 



Blue Jay I'll update my Contender List as time permits. It's a bit too early yet.


That`s o k SandyGirl

Note: Proxy , Rambauer and Hozier are the top 3 Standbys


I agree it's a bit to early yet, but I'm thinking about it. My wife love the Kentucky Derby, lol! It's the only race she's interested in. Ha!


Crowded Trade is out and pointed toward the Preakness.

Caddo River moves up to #12

Rambauer gets in.


Dont forget to update SandyGirl !


All set! Check for current update above!




UPDATE: Caddo River Out of KY Derby, Brooklyn Strong now likely.

OTHER NEWS: Rock Your World and Hot Rod Charlie flew April 25 to Kentucky from California.

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I finally chose my Derby horse and he is "Rock Your World"!! 

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Rock Your World - Winner of The Santa Anita Derby with a 100 speed figure! Awesome choice ponygirl and could wined up being my final choice too. I hope he stays safe.


Me too Blue Jay as we have already had some great horses go off the Derby trail! 

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I going to shoot for a longshot. Currently I'm leaning towards Chad Brown's horse Highly Motivated with Castellano aboard. I like his consistent speed ratings.

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Very nice horse to follow Sam! I`ve got my eye on him too.Derby Watch  has him at 15-1. He will be among the top five by postime .

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I have been following Kelly Clarkson. The odds of going on a date are not good.

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LOL! Actually, Kelly Clarkson would be a great name for a Thoroughbred race horse, lol. Hang in there Blue!

We had quite a few JUST FOR FUN  horse racing sport fans on Yahoo! Answers. Even people who aren't normally interested in horse racing enjoy participating in the Kentucky Derby. Many with beginners luck too.


Thanks Sandy. Sounds good. I can see how it would gain people's interest even if it's just for fun.


You're Welcome! Whenever, we who enjoy racing Host questions, it's always only for fun. Those who are in it for the gamble soon find out that's not our purpose. Though I do place rare personals bets occasionally, on high stake races only, like the Triple Crown, and Breeder's Cup it's because I know it, and do quite well due to many years of understanding the sport. We in NO way support gambling. So, if you see us Host key prep races on the road to the Kentucky Derby and/or road to the Breeder's Cup, it's just for fun, and is simply out of interest for the sport. 

Thank you as well. 


Good to know. Have fun.



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The Kentucky Derby, is that like  our Grand National?

I don't do the horses but a woman won the Grand National for the first time this year.

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Exactly!!  Just like your GRAND NATIONAL !


Yes! Correct!

I actually have a few friends, including some Yahoo! Answers acquaintances from NZ.

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Blue Jay, is that race horse Pizza Man? Beautiful picture! Heidi is a great photographer.


Yes ! i was practicing the image upload on this site in case i wanted to use it, this was my first attempt. I up loaded this picture from My Pictures files, In turn i uploaded to my files from somewhere on the internet. The Horse`s name was not mentioned. But if you say "Pizza Man" then Pizza Man It Is.


Technically his name is The Pizza Man.  He won multiple stakes races including the Arlington Million in 2015 and the Northern Dancer Turf Stakes in 2016. He, also, was the first Illinois bred horse to win either of these Grade I races. I picked him to WIN in a couple of our Hosted races. Now I'm hungry for pizza man, lol! That's him I'm 100 percent sure! I never forget a horses face Blue Jay. Lol!


Yes! I remember hosting and answering Q`s involving The Pizza Man. If you remember i use this image on my ARLINGTON MILLION CHALLENGE ACCOUNT!

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