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Just Google it!

I remember it well.

Let’s see if you can Google the right answer!

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I googled it so now I know the answer. The reason I googled it is because he is the first President of the US that I was aware of, as in I could see a picture and know he was POTUS.

Which is weird as I was 13/14 and remember a lot of adult talk about The Vietnam War but no memory of Nixon. Who had Ford as his Vice President so a clue is in my post.

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B.  He was vice when nixon resigned.

He got to be vice because he was not very smart and very bland.  Nixons first choice, agnew, was a full time crook and about as despicable as you can find under any rock.  He was convicted and  locked up, providing an opening for nixon to appoint someone.  Nixon was no brain trust and didn't want anyone smarter than him, and needed someone the senate would confirm.  Enter Ford.  Been in congress a long time but had not irritated anyone.  

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He was Nixon `s vice president and took office when Nixon resigned.He served one term and was defeated by Jimmy Carter. He is the only president in history to never have won an election.

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He was the last living member of the Warren Commission, Google it

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