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Have you or anyone you know well, ever had Amnesia?  How do you/they deal with the memories lost? 

Since my brain injury and week-long coma in 2018, I'm constantly tormented with the discovery of yet another hole in my memory and it's not much fun.

For example; recently I started having these vivid 'snapshot' memories of riding my road bike, but I don't remember when this occurred (3-years ago? Or ten?) or worse, where the bike is now... did I leave it somewhere? sell it? Or what?

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3 Answers

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The only people i know with Amnesia is those  that i have loaned money to.

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Sounds about right Blue Jay, lol!

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I only know those who have suffered from Dementia, which is much different than Amnesia, other than the memory loss, of course. There's no reversing Dementia, and they have a continuous decline at all levels, mental and physical. I'm sorry to hear of your brain injury, however, even though it must be frustrating you're starting to remember bits and pieces of your life, which makes your outlook very promising. 

Good luck to you!

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Never happened to me or anyone I know thankfully. Now I have heard of selective memory...

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