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-Brainstorm the fluids that are in your daily life to complete the chart below.  

Specify if each fluid is a liquid or a gas.






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4 Answers

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I think that fluids, are generally liguid.

Anyway home fluids in my life might be beer.

School fluids.  I don't do school.  But a fluid used at school might be water.

Outdoors, on the deck, might be margarita.

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Common fluid across all three is water

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Home- Natural Gas/Heat (Gas)

School- Elmer's Glue (liquid)

Outdoors- Clouds (Gas)

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cloud is a mass of water drops or ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Clouds form when water condenses in the sky. The condensation lets us see the water vapor. ... A cloudis a liquid, a solid, and a gas


Yes! Correct! A cloud is a liquid, solid and gas. Thank you!

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If it's wet, drink it.

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Di Hydrous Oxide is that the substance you are referring to?

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