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or do you do your own thing when cooking/baking???....and use the recipe as a starting point??..

as a type B...I add my own tweaks......

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7 Answers

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I always follow the recipe ! Its the only way to get it right!

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but---on occasion...what if YOU could make it better??  ;)

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I follow the recipe the first time. If I decide the dish could use some additional flavor or texture, I’ll experiment the next time with spices or ingredients. 

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Way to be...  

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Depends on what I am making.  Some dishes one can fudge on, say pasta and cream sauces.  Others you have no wiggle room and must know the formula precisely, say a Souffle.

We consider the Kitchen my territory, the rest of the house is Doc's and the kids.  So some meals follow an exact recipe - quiche is a great example.  Refrigerator clean-out does not.

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jeeez...the man who cooks rules the house...  you know that, right???  My man does.  :)

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I start with the recipe for the first round.  After that, I'll play around with it.  One example: when I make Toll House cookies, I incorporate a number of changes that I've experimented with over time:

Double the amount of chips. Don't just use semi-sweet morsels... I use a few butterscotch chips, then double that amount with white chocolate, and then double THAT with semi-sweet morsels.  When ready to drop the cookie dough onto the baking sheets, I'll sprinkle some Heath Toffee bits over the batter and mix it in lightly.  

When I bake the cookies, I've found that the oven is too hot to come out with the kind of cookies I like.  I like soft cookies that are not browner on the bottom than they are on the top.  Lowering the oven temp and increasing the bake time a little gives me the texture I like the most.  Mrs Media likes them crisp, but she love them when they are a softer texture overall.

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Not being a chef, I usually follow the recipe.  Except for substitutions required because I dont have the called for ingredient.  Or it it is going to leave me some unusable amount of an item, then I throw it in.  And how much of the cooking wine the cook has consumed.

by (1,569,030 points)

you have to have fun an play.....   NO MATTER  WHAT.. :D   Pour me the wine....and I shall split it with myself...  hahaha....

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I improvise. I'll keep enough of the recipe to keep the ratios of wet vs. dry ingredients are there and there are sufficient leavening agents if I'm baking but everything else is fair game to change up. 

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way to go...  have fun is all..  ;)

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I usually follow the science and shit.

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well...bull f-ing shit---of course you do... 

knock it off ....experiment....

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