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While mingling with neighbours at a party, Ato mentions that he is responsible for evaluating bids for a large computer software contract. A few days later, Ato receives a lunch invitation from one of his neighbours who also attended the party. Over appetizers, the conversation turns to the contract Ato is managing. Ato’s neighbour seems remarkably well informed about the bidding process and likely bidders. Ato volunteers information about the potential value of the contract and briefly outlines the criteria his firm will use to select the winner. At the end of the lunch, Ato’s neighbour surprises him by revealing that he is a consultant for several companies in the computer software market. Later that day, Ato’s mind is racing.

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Ethics Homework?  I will give you a real world example

If I hear any of my team or a member of my company is talking about work outside of work they are fired immediately for violation of employment contract.  We believe in discretion in all manners of our lives including work.  Industry trends are OK, ones specific job is not OK

In my and most other industries Corporate espionage  is ever present.  I am amazed at the indiscretions most people engage in.  This includes working in public where ones screen is visable.  Openly talking about current work projects.

One time I was going to Jackson Hole for skiing.  A crew from GM  with their legal team and their Banker were talking about a major deal with Fiat.  Over the course of 3 days I knew their whole strategy and knew the Dea was not going to fly.  If I had wanted I could have made major coin since what they were talking about was not public knowledge. 

To stay employed and keep ones upward mobility I learned early on be discrete and inocuous even within ones own work team

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Loose lips sink ships.

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