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So I mentioned here that after a gap of 3 days, he arrived at the shop 2 weeks ago. When he saw me being served by his colleague, he came over to the next till to chat. He was like hey how are you , beautiful sunny day. I responded I'm good, asked him how he was and then said I don't like the sun to which he said no and laughed. I moved away as the order and payment was done and heard him say see you. He started serving customers as they started arriving at his till. His colleague who was serving me was obviously hearing the whole conversation. 

After that, he gave me my drink and we wished each other well and I left. After that, I noticed he won't make small talk anymore.  He just says hey how are you if I go to his till or will wave when he sees me. If he's been away for the a few days, he will then smile and say how are you but no more talks. After the sunny day conversation day, I tried to ask him about the weather, the new shirts they are wearing in the shop but he responded to none of them. All he was doing was staring it like I mentioned being nice to me, keeping my drink for me, charged me less. 

Other than that, he's gone closed off. Is it because he feels I don't like him or he got scolded with chatting with a customer? I mean I'm equally friendly towards him and I ve noticed him staring at me to which I have smiled and being friendly with him. I also have a card for him but now I don't know if I should give it to him. 

I mean I do want to thank him for being nice but I'm contemplating cutting off my number from it.

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No need for a card simply give him your full name and phone number written down so he can discretely place it in his pocket.

Stop by when his shift ends and try and start a conversation then. If he doesn’t call you he is either to shy or not interested.

I have never given a man my phone number and they didn’t call back.

You seem to be way more into him than he is you but you’ll never know unless you try? 

He might already be in a relationship for all you know....

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