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Plz help me, I need this asap



imageYour task:

Annotate this poem using SMILES.

1. Structure  

Rhyme scheme, repetition, narration, layout, verse length and content,
​positioning of verse, what the poem looks like, punctuation 

2. Meaning 

What is the poem about? What themes are explored? Are there any
​repeated issues? Who is the person speaking? Who is he addressing?

3. Imagery 

Descriptions, any recurring images, ​symbols, connotations

4. Language 

Type-Adjectives/nouns/verbs/ adverbs, positive/ negative, Standard
​English, accent, dialect, literary devices (similes, metaphors, personification, etc.)

5. Emotion 

What emotions does the speaker express? What emotions do you feel?
​Relate these to the speaker’s sense of identity

6. Sounds 

Alliteration – what letters? assonance, onomatopoeia, rhyme, rhythm. What
​effect and wherein the poem is it found?

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LMAO! I'm thinking one extra size smile (like your thinker) should cover it. 


lol I'm assuming I'll get best answer.

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