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I missed Jersey, but when I saw the difference between leaving the quiet airport here, and the mobs of people there, I said to myself,   "OMG. All these PEOPLE!!"    Its the most densely populated state here, so that I don't really miss. The ambiance, yes.


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Yes! Absence Makes the heart grow fonder.

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Yes! I have two places I call home! One is a Summer home/estate on Lake George, in New York. I love the summer season there, it's so beautiful and welcoming. However, I find when I'm at either place I miss the other after a few weeks. At first, when the desire to get away is strong, I think I'll never miss leaving. But, that feeling fades and I do. 

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I’ve heard Lake George is beautiful, and have a friend looking for a home near there now. Gotta visit sometime. 


That's wonderful, your friend will definitely be very happy in Lake George. You'll want to visit her often. I have waterfront property that overlooks the Lake, and it's beautiful. It's been in my family for years. Fall is a beautiful time there too. My favorite time is July-October. 


My friend likes to go in the fall.  Former colleague from NJ, so its hard to see her, but she is a kind hearted soul. 

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Actually, that happens every time that I move.  There are always things I liked in hindsight.  Not so much while I lived there.  I liked the surface politeness of texans.  I didn't miss their horrendous tax rates or their smothering conservatism.

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My cousin used to live in Texas. Now lives in Turkey. But he was also conservative, yes. A Trumper. 


Politically, Turkey and Texas are not far apart. Turkey may be more liberal.  Lol



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