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If past results are any factor than yes, yes, they can. 

Even if you don't like Horse Racing this is a cute video to watch.

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Fallon does this every year. Pretty impressive. My win pick Highly Motivated didn't look to motivated did he? Hahaha! 

by (3,970 points)

They had already fed him Sam, he was`nt hungry lol

My dog is always hungry, lol.
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Essential Quality it is. Time for a quick treat.

by (4,001,011 points)
+5 votes

Absolutely !! They are better then some expert handicappers i have

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Now that's what I'm talking about. Essential Quality checks all the boxes, even the 3 race rule. What a smart dog, lol.

by (11,770 points)

He was the only dog they had not


So, Blue Jay, are you saying there was cheating involved. Fallon will go to jail for 10 years, and will be banned from "Puppy Predictors" for life, lol. Just like Rick Dutrow when he drugged Big Brown back in 2008, the ass. Thank fully, many things have changed since then. The last 5 years the Horse Racing Industry has incorporated a lot of safety rules for the better as you know. And, it's thanks to those, including my team, who care enough to put forth the effort for this positive change. This year was the first year without the use of Lasix too. We have something to cheer about. Though it may become necessary for some horses who are bleeders it is not needed on race day if they incorporate it properly during their rest periods. Sorry, I'm just rambling now, lol.


Just trying to be funny


Yes! Of course, lol. :)

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Sure! Better than I can!! 

by (3,680 points)

Ha! Even the puppy was wrong this year. Interesting! Well, that's the Kentucky Derby for ya, it's definitely the hardest race to handicap. 

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