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What kind? Tell me about him or her? If not, why not?

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Yes! I had many pets growing up, too many to put here. As an adult, I once owned an extra large white rabbit, named Benny, he was extremely special, he thought he was a dog, no kidding. He had his own room, he used to run circles around me every morning. It was his way of saying good morning Joe.  I currently own one dog, a Great Dane, her name is Heidi. She is quite the watch dog, but a sweet heart. I had 3 other dogs including Heidi, however, I had to eventually put all 3 down at different times but all in the same year. They had good long lives, 2 lived to be 17 years old and the one 15. Red, Dolly, and Crazy Marv. I tried to save them all until the vet advised it was time to give them peace. Letting a beloved animal go has been added to one of the hardest things I ever had to do in life. They all were part of our family. I spend well over 100 grand to try to save their lives that year, many say I was crazy but I loved them that much. The vet came to my house for all 3 to be put down. They were all a joy. Heidi is my best friend, next to my wife of course. Let's put it this way, if I locked my wife and my dog in the trunk of my care for one hour, I can guarantee my dog Heidi would be the only one happy to see me, lol. She is definitely my dog. My avatar shown here is a large portrait of her that was done on a extra large Canvas. Her Canvas Portrait has been duped and used at many dog shows. She has her own single bed in her own room. The room that was once my rabbit Benny's. Heidi is treated like the Queen that she is. 

My hat goes off to all animal lovers.

by (11,770 points)

Great story Joe! Thank you for sharing!


I love this!!!!

Priceless, family treasures is exactly how owners should feel about their pets. 

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I had goldfish. They kept drinking all the water.

by (4,001,011 points)

LOL! Well, at least it was the water they were drinking and not the beer! Still, no water is detrimental. Yup! I get it! Sorry!

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I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I used to have 2 cats but I had to get one put down due to old age complications.

I have a 15 year old Border Collie and a 3 year old Plummer Terrier. 

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I have two cats. Both are rescues. Our male is a huge tabby that we've had since he was 6 weeks old. Someone had thrown him from a car  and my sister-in-law took him in. Our female we got at 7 months old from a rescue, she was about two months old when she wandered into someone's yard. 

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How about you SandyGirl ? Tell us all about your Pets. How`s your dog Rex?

Your horses and the BEES!

Sadly i have no pets of my own.

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Rex is still with me, he's doing great. My Thoroughbreds horses love him, and he loves them. Rex is a large black Lab. There's Mia too, a German Shepherd, she's 3 years old  and Otis Theodore, called OtiBear, he's a Pit Bull, he is a big loveable baby, he never barks. He will be 4 on May 23rd. He looks intimidating, but he doesn't have a mean bone in his body, not  at all. Rex is not a rescue, I had him since he was born. The other two are rescues. I have the right land and perfect environment for animals. Plus, I have my help too that I call hands. Everybody gets a bath and groomed once a week or as needed. And, the horses after every workout/ride. I don't have any cats anymore. I did throughout the years though. I have a large 50 gallon aquarium, with fresh water tropical fish. I have a friend Hans whose job is cleaning aquarium at offices, he does mine too. I'm interested in hearing about others pets because of how much I love mine. Great answers so far. : )


Nice SandyGirl:)


Hahaha! So cute! Thank you! :)

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I have two dogs and two cats.

We had two for a long time.  One I found in the middle of the road and kept.  No one else wanted him.  Then a stray wandered into our yard.  Old cat.  Not very friendly but a great mouser.  The first cat died of old age.  Then just a bit later, the mouser wandered out on the road and got run over.  We then got a pair of sisters from the rescue.  We call them the twisted sisters.  They are crazy.

The dogs are currently new.  Sort of new.  We had two.  The first had a lot of cancers.  We had one leg amputated.  Then a 5 lb growth taken out of her abdomen, and a few months later another one killed her.  She was replaced with a blue heeler from the dog rescue.  Heelers are nuts. They have an unnatural fascination with feet.  Then my dog died suddenly.  I got the only dog available out of the pound.  She is a boston terrier.  Cute.  But a pain in the ass.  Stubborn, thinks she is queen, and can climb fences.  She gets over a 5 ft fence. 

by (1,524,050 points)
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I have 2 cats, Bernard and Horus. I got them both from the Arizona Humane Society. Bernard, who is orange and white and very petite, is almost 16 and Horus, who is a big black and grey tabby, is about 14. 

Bernard whines constantly - if he’s not eating or sleeping, he’s screeching lol. Horus is very dog-like. He comes when I whistle and he loves people - even strangers. 

My cats are my kids.  

by (2,434,850 points)
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I had a Highland collie when I was little. My poor parents knew nothing about a dogs breed. It just looked good. He was a working dog specifically a herding dog. He ended up on my grandfathers farm of 50 acres. A happy dog.

I also some years later had a grey poodle. She was my best friend. My Mom sold her and broke my heart.

Next my Dad bought me an albino bunny.. Had him a couple years. My Dad sold him and broke my heart again. Evidently the rabbit pooped in my Dad’s open tool box when he chewed through a huge box Dad put him in. Did I mention my parents were clueless when it came to pets. Strange, they both grew up on a farm. That’s why they put rabbits in a hutch that is made of wood and wire!

My last dog was named Winnie an apricot tiny toy poodle. I chose him because he was the runt of the litter.

Now I have no pets.... I can’t let them out when they need to go. Sad really I would love a service dog.

by (779,540 points)

That's really sad about your grey poodle, and bunny, it brought tears to my eyes.. 

+3 votes

I have a dog (male Golden retriever) and 2 tuxedo cats (black and white).  The dog (Bailey,) is almost 13 now and his birthday is next week.  He's very sweet but also hyper with other people. At home he rests because of his age, although I try and take him out as much as he and the weather will allow.  The cats are both rescued. One from a shelter, and the female from my own backyard in NJ. She was discovered by the dog, and it was found she was close to dying. So when my eldest saw her, she asked that the cat be kept. I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of another cat, but we did take her and she is now the little family princess! Not very kind to the other pets--she tolerates the dog unless he gets in her face, and she is always biting Oreo, the other cat. I have to scold her when she does and put her in the bathroom for about 10 to 15 minutes when she does.  But of the three she's the cutest, with opal colored blue/green eyes. 

by (1,035,590 points)

Aw..yes..Golden retriever. My favorite breed!


My brother owns two Golden Retrievers! Very pleasant dogs! He brings them by often to run on my land.


Blue jays, mine too. I think beagles are cute, too. 


Sandy girl, they love to run, yes. If mine mine weren’t so old he’d be running all day. He’s a real sweetheart.

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We have two Labrador retrievers, the Resident Labs

by (2,884,340 points)

I have (3) dogs one is a BLACK Labrador Retriever, his name is Rex. Rex is excellent around my Thoroughbreds. Though Labradors aren't usually high in this drive, he is.  He loves the horses, and they love him.


We have ours around the stables all the time.  The kids and Labs all behave at the Grandparents Stables

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