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Who are you?

in Friendship by (3,014,490 points)

5 Answers

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You know me... a  woman racked with arthritis pain, but keep a good attitude otherwise. a moderate Trump supporter for his policies not his personality! You seldom get both, lol! I love nature and spend a lot of time planning my multiple flower beds each Spring!

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You'll find someone that goes to bed at 3am in the morning and is up before six.

by (4,001,011 points)

Before 6am or pm Blue?


6am. Unless I've been on the booze.


You sound like me, lol. I do sneak in a 20 minute power nap here and there, or as needed. 


I squeeze in a few naps as well. It's fast approaching 3am now, actually.


Approaching 9:30PM here.

Sweet Dreams Blue!


Thanks Sandy. Up again 5am.

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You'll find that I base most of my decisions on feelings. : )

by (34,350 points)

I feel good about this answer.


: )

+2 votes

A frustrated woman

by (504,240 points)
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A woman constantly trying to balance out her life with both work and play. I usually end up doing more play when not focusing on what I need to do---but your question is WHO I am---so I am a soul who tries to maintain balance in an otherwise crazy world. 

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