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A heard of horses ( Example )

A ----- of cattle

A ----- of chickens

A ------ of ducks

A ----- of Geese

A ----- of sheep

A ----- of quail

A ----- of crows

A ----- of rabbits

A ------ of whales

A------- of lions

A ------ of tigers

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4 Answers

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A HERD of cattle

A FLOCK of chickens

A PADDLING of ducks

A GAGGLE of Geese

A FLOCK of sheep

A FLOCK of quail (COVEY too I believe).

A MURDER of crows (Also FLOCK)

A FLUFFLE of rabbits

A POD or PODS of whales

A PRIDE of lions

A SLEAK of tigers

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Did not know that about Crows. Criminal.


LOL! Yeah, some Englishmen wanted to give the species a bum rap..lol. Actually, the following is the reason they are called a murder of crows: 

One states that crows often will come together and "decide the capital fate of another crow." Another possible origin comes from people who view the "appearance of crows as an omen of death." Also, the phrase "murder of crows" comes from a time in history when groups of animals were described in different ways, according to the documentary's website.



I seen these type dogs before. They actually don't look real, it's amazing. Cute, and cuddly. 


Looks a bit dangerous. Hope they keep him on a leash. The owners didn't name him 'Killer' for nothing.





 A FLOCK of chickens

A RAFTER of ducks A PADDLING of ducks

A GAGGLE of Geese

A FLOCK of sheep

A COVEY of quail (COVEY too I believe).

A MURDER of crows

A WARREN of rabbits

A POD  of whales

A PRIDE of lions

A SLEAK of tigers


Thank you Blue Jay : )

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A lot of cattle

A number of chickens

A feather of ducks

A bunch of Geese

A facebook of sheep

A pool of quail

A moooovement of crows

A Bugs Bunny of rabbits

A sea full of whales

A Mufasa of lions

A pawsome of tigers

by (4,272,141 points)

LMAO! I wouldn't expect anything less than good humor/humor from you Blue. Excellent quick thinking and not one right, lol.


lol I was so quick I thought it said cows not crows.


I noticed that, lol. I kind of like the moooovement of crows idea though, lol.

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I’m so lazy I’d just say “a bunch” for each of them. 

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I own zero of these animals. Except I did own a large white rabbit once. I've seen some of these animals at the zoo. Just kidding I'm pretty sure SandyGirl nailed it.

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