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A married guy met me in the store and we have exchanged some eye contact. I did not respond back to his gestures. I left from the store, then a week later I thought if we could have a chance to chat. I decided to send an ad on Craigslist and found him within 24 hours. We have exchanged our phone numbers, then we met at the bar. He seemed very likable in person. He told me that he is a single guy. 

Short to the point, we have good chemistry and had sex over seven times. I started to notice his calls that many people always call him. He said all calls were related to his work since that he owns a business. I started to suspect that he is a married guy because the way he handles with his emotions compare to single guys. I asked him if he is married through a text message. He has confessed that he is married. I asked him why he lied to me. He did not want to explain in details why he did to me. He begged that he wants to see me like how much he misses me. I gave him a chance to come in person and explain why. He did not explain, but he gave me a puppy sad look and threw me many compliments. 

I turned off by that because he could not explain why he has a nerve to lie me about his martial status. I did not sign up for to be his hook up girl but he did make me feel like that. I always catch on married guys early and have rejected on them fast. I did not catch him as I was attracted to him physically as he did to me.

I decided to ghost on him and have moved away out of the town. I did not tell him about my plans where I was going to. He did not deserve to know about me.

But there is a thing. I could not stop thinking about him. I tried to make some ideas to forget him. I loved how he made me feel great. I am asking all of you. How can you move on after this situation? Have a one night stand with someone else to forget him? I never have done with one night stands before, but I need to figure how I can forget about him. Any tips to share?

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5 Answers

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Here is a tip: Trade your married guy for isabelseyler`s coffee shop guy.

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It’s a bad situation. You were used by this lying cheater. Do you really think he isn’t stepping out on his wife with other women in addition to you?  He lied about his status because he wanted some ass outside of his marriage, it’s as simple as that. Of course he still wants to see you - he’s getting sex with no strings attached from you while he’s also boinking his wife. Win-win for the scumbag. 

I understand that you’re really attracted to this guy, but he’s untrustworthy. You don’t need to forget about him -  just don’t act on your feelings. Cut off contact with him regardless of your feelings. Time will take care of the rest. 

And in the meantime, try to keep busy and meet other guys -  hopefully honest ones. 

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People lie. Fact of life. Why? Because they think they can get away with it and often do. Married people cheat to get the adrenaline rush that they might be caught. Then it's all like I'm so sorry when they are found out. And even then people do not learn.

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The first part of your question is easy.  But then so were you.  He lied because he wanted very much to stick his penis into you and fuck you.  And it worked.  Over seven times.  He must have good stamina to do you and probably the wife once in a while, plus the other women.  

When confronted he figured it was safe to tell you that he was married since he know that you were easy and under the spell of his magic penis.  And that is almost true.  I bet you would still be under him if he had told you that he never screwed his wife anymore and was going to get a divorce when. Etc.

So now, you are at the hard part of the question.  What to do now.  Don't talk or text with him.  Do something else with someone else.  I don't mean fucking strangers.  Just life as before.  As time passes, his memory will fade.  It will help if you try to remember how stupid and easy you are.  It is indeed your fault.  The guy asks you to spread your legs, it isn't his fault that you do.  

You make a mistake.  Move on.  And when he finds you and calls in six months, just say no.

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Welone well said however you do not know all the dynamic. Think about the situation with you and your wife.


My answer stands.  Just because he wants to get laid, doesn't mean that he can lie about it.  Probably why I never get any one the side.  I would die to find a woman that just wanted to screw but if I have to lie to her to get into her pants, I cannot do it.


I know too many who just want  side screw.  A change of situation would cost them dearly.

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He was looking for outside action.  The reasons are amny, the answers none.

Now was the sex good?  Did you have fun?

Now is time to move on, remember and move on.  Do not be played again unless you want to be played again

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