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I'm having serious issues. I had an appt with my doctor early in the week. 

She was supposed to call my medication into the pharmacy and raise an antidepressant but never did.

I'm about to run out anxiety meds that is not a narcotic but have to take everyday like Prozac and ive been out of my anti psychotics for days

I'm going nuts and no one from my mental health clinic will answer

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3 Answers

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Tell the Pharmacy your situation and ask for a few tablets in advance or have them call your Dr. It works for me!

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The pharmacy should be able to give you a short supply of medication as an emergency without a prescription, they have done that for me. But you have all my sympathy. I've been in the situation where I'm actually in the pharmacy talking to my doctors surgery back and forth trying to sort the fuckers out. You can also get your doctors to fax a prescription through if they have that option.

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I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this unnecessary inconvenience. You have received really good advice answers so far. Calling the pharmacy is the way to go, they will without a doubt contact your physician in pursue of further instructions in order to get the right meds to you. They also will provided you with the few extra pills needed until things are straighten out. Also, if for some reason there's a problem with that, call your Insurance company, they hate hearing stuff like this. Your insurance company works for you. Insurance companies have many Liaisons on staff. Liaisons provide communication help between all parties, they make things happen. 

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