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7 Answers

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That you can count on me to help! I'll always do the very best that I can, and if I can't immediately, I'll find a way! : )

by (66,050 points)

I can vouch for that , SandyGirl !


Thank you Blue Jay! : )

+2 votes

I like to relax.

by (4,027,071 points)
+3 votes

I'm a male stripper in a go go bar.

by (3,024,540 points)

Whatever floats your !


Lol - GB you’ve been cat-fishing us all this time???


Well, I know now how to answer Blue Jay's question " What absolutely excites you right now?" Lol! Just kidding!

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I was so shy and quiet in school, I was penned "The Silent one" by someone in high school!!

  Besides that, when my feathers are ruffled enough, I start swearing in Spanish.  lol

by (1,054,850 points)

Hasta la vista baby !


Well see, that wouldnt cause me to swear. :D

+1 vote

I am a realist. I am skeptically Optimistic. And at the same time realize the what Pessimism I do have is born out in other peoples failures.

by (784,570 points)
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I do not like assholes.  Well...mine is spectacular---but--other than mine..assholes suck.

by (22,340 points)
+1 vote

I am pretty hard to pigeon hole.  I am a gun owning veteran engineer who is a hard core progressive liberal. 

by (1,536,350 points)
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