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Sunday was rough.

I didn't want to be around anybody and as much as I don't particularly mind others celebrating their mothers, I've grown to feel that this is another day to be reminded that my mother is no longer here with me. 

How was yours?
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5 Answers

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Ours was in March. Last month was her birthday and 3rd year anniversary, I just feel heartbroken for my dad to be honest. He looks so lost. They were married for 61 years and together for 66  

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Reflecting on a mother who was not a mother, cruel abusive and borderline personality disorder.

It’s difficult to understand how anyone can be mean to a defenseless child.

Not my favorite holiday!

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:(.  That must be super hard.  I'm sorry things were like that between the two of you, and know that you aren't alone. There are many stories like yours, very sad. 

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I’m so sorry King.  We never stop loving or missing our  late moms, but time does help the healing. 

Since my mom’s been gone and I have no kids, I never remember when it’s Mother’s Day. My ungrateful cats never even buy me a card. Brats.... 

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Mine was okay, however one daughter had to work in this day. :(. But at least I had the company of the other. 

   My own mom died in 2013, hard to believe she's been gone that long. I miss her a lot, as well as for my favorite aunt who passed on 2 years ago this April. I remember the happy times we sued to share when we actually lived together. Those were the best days of my teenage years. 

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Sorry for you and your loss. I know my day is coming to mourn on this day instead of celebrate.   I was thankful ALL my kids could be home this mothers day.  (I know this will not go on in  years to come)...Kids leave and have their own lives...I am proud, but--will miss them.  I do still have both my parents...which I am grateful for.  I know this will not go on forever either.  

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