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I am always running away. changed schools, changed jobs. But I can't keep doing that. I am a doctor that was excessively bullied by other doctors and nurses. even the social workers at my last job. I ended up leaving. Now at my new job, I am beginning to notice a trend with the surgeons. If I call a consult, they just begin to shout and degrade me. I am so tired and worn out. All my life, I have been treated like trash. I don't have a large support system and I am always supporting family financially. I feel unloved and unwanted all my life. I just wish it will all end today. So tired of living like this. 

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If you reside in the US most companies have rules against harassment of other workers. Everyone has a boss. The reason this may happen repeatedly is the way you are handling it.

If you ignore it or appear, passive or weak it will persist as other people pile on for sport.

I am not suggesting you get in a shouting match or physical altercation just raise your voice, stand your ground and report them.

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I hear you. The workplace is full of idiots.

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I'm sorry. Well for one be glad you have your degree. Many people cannot even do that. Me for one. Not yet at least.

I feel the same way you do and quite honestly have had the same thing happen. Its a cycle where I'm disliked and history repeats itself over and over again until I found a supportive work environment that works for me.

Eventually you'll find a job where you are wanted and where people act like ADULTS and not morons. You're just not there yet.

Makes me sad to know you're suffering but just hold on. You will find a good place!

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My partner is a surgeon, and a good one. 

Now my 1st question is how do you approach  your colleagues?  How do you  initially respond to their queries?  The answers here will tell you where you are having problems.  There is an ongoing pattern of your behaviors which are eliciting these responses.

One job may be just a bad situation.  Recurring jobs indicates the problem is you

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I realized that I have just been going out of my way to help others because of fear they will hate me and retaliate. I had a rough upbringing where I was completely broken. 

But this week, I have started telling people no. They are upset and I still have that fear but I am trying to stand up for myself. 

The life I was living was not sustainable. I hope I learn how to read social clues. I was always isolated and I used to just study to have good grades. But in real life, the social interaction is a big deal. 

I have come to accept that some people will hate me. But I will rather be hated than disrespected as badly as I was disrespected in my last job. 

I'm not trying to blame the world. I just hate that I am still dealing with low self esteem problems as well as isolation at this age. 


Most of life is social interaction.  Doc is a great schmoozer, as well as a great surgeon.

May I presume India, cram schools and you are an introvert? Pathology may be your route

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