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If I see a microwave flashing with time remaining I have to clear it off.    

It just isn't right.  

I probably should seek help!  

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6 Answers

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I check I've got my keys at least 5 times before leaving the house. Not sure if that qualifies. I also experience extreme anxiety. On the morning of a job interview I'm in bed physically shaking with fear, which doesn't help obviously.

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+1 vote

No, but I do have some superstitions. Its probably along the same line sas OCD to an extent. 

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I have rituals I have to perform to keep my family safe, these range in intensity and my anxiety has gotten worst over the lockdown.

My mental health has deteriorated to the extent I cannot have a life or death scan unless I'm knocked out..

Apart from that I'm pretty cool about the microwave 

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I was trained from early on everything must be put away in its' proper place,  It is a habit I continue with to this day.  If that is OCD NBD

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No,but Adrien Monk does.

by (48,520 points)

I would say Monk touching and counting ever single parking meter while running for his life is definitely major OCD, lol. 

Jack Nicholson too, who played Melvin in the movie As Good As It Gets absolutely could not walk on a crack in the floor or concrete. He, also, often washed his hands with scalding water to rid of germs. Both Melvin and Monk had serious OCD. However, it is portrayed in a comical way.


Love that show

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I have a place for everything, so with things I often use, such as scissors, tools, etc.. If I go to its place and I can't find the thing I'm looking for I won't stop until I find it. So far, so good, lol. I think everyone has a touch or mild OCD. I know people too that have serious anxiety/OCD. Thankfully that's not me. I only have bouts of it.
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